“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, and magic and power in it. Begin it now.”


Running a business is like navigating a maze of challenges and opportunities. Your goal isn’t just survival, it’s a thriving business success story – and if you can dream it, you can do it!

Whether you’re a startup or an established business, success requires a mix of productivity, efficiency, and improvement.

This blog explores the top three essential pillars of business foundations and reveals how personalised 30-, 60-, and 90-day plans, guided by an Online Business Manager (OBM), can lead you to thriving business results.

1. Productivity

Productivity isn’t just about busyness; it’s about accomplishing meaningful tasks that align with your goals.

A productive business maximises its resources, minimises time wastage, and fosters an environment where team members are empowered to deliver their best.

Imagine a scenario where every team member knows exactly what to focus on, where bottlenecks are identified and addressed promptly, and where the strategic priorities are crystal clear.

That’s a thriving business!

This level of productivity isn’t a pipe dream; it’s an achievable reality with the right strategies in place.

How to be productive – the easy steps

Productivity is the heartbeat of any thriving business. It is how you measure how effectively you utilise your resources to achieve your goals and objectives. To enhance productivity, you must prioritise:

  • Empower your team: Encourage your team to take ownership. When your team feels confident to make choices and add value to your business progress, they will become more involved and motivated to be more productive in their role.
  • Embrace technology: Use advanced technology to automate tasks and extract important information from your data. When you choose the right tools for your business, you will not only enhance productivity and optimise efficiency, but also get helpful data to make more informed decisions.
  • Promoting work-life balance: A balance between work and life is crucial for keeping employees happy, enjoying their role, and working well. When you create a work atmosphere that fosters efficiency, you’l also be working to reduce burnout and enhance overall productivity.

2. Operational efficiency

Operational efficiency involves streamlining processes, optimising resource allocation, and minimising waste. It’s about achieving more with less, enhancing customer satisfaction, and propelling your business forward like a well-oiled machine.

When your operations run like a synchronised orchestra, you can respond quickly to market shifts, customer demands, and emerging trends and opportunities. This efficiency goes beyond cost-cutting; it’s about positioning your business for sustainable growth and innovation.

How do you achieve operational efficiency?

Operational efficiency is the backbone of sustainable growth and to achieve it, you must:

  • Conduct a comprehensive review: Frequently look at your business operations and systems to pinpoint areas for improvement. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses will allow you to develop specific strategies to increase efficiency.
  • Implement lean principles: Embrace lean approaches to your operations to simplify workflows, eliminate unnecessary steps, and improve how you allocate resources. With lean principles, every part of your operations contributes value to the final product or service.
  • Encourage collaboration: Teamwork makes the dream work! When teams collaborate, you’ll be working towards shared objectives and results, overall boosting efficiency.

3. Continuous improvement

A thriving business and success is an ongoing journey. Business women who embrace continuous improvement remain at the forefront of their industries. This pillar involves a culture of learning, innovation, and a willingness to evolve.

Remember, embracing change is an opportunity not a challenge.

How do you continuously improve?

Continuous improvement is the driving force behind long-term success. To foster a culture of continuous improvement, you must:

  • Promote a learning culture: Promote continuous training and growth for employees across all levels. This not only enhances their skills but also injects innovation and new viewpoints into your business.
  • Celebrate successes and learn from failures: Recognise and celebrate your team’s accomplishments, whether they’re big or small. By the same token, what you might consider a setback can also be seen as a chance for education and advancement.
  • Collect and act on feedback: Pay attention to your employees, customers, and partners when they offer feedback. When you take action on helpful suggestions, you showcase your dedication to continuous improvement and establish credibility in your brand.

Planning is you next big step

How do you achieve these three things? The answer is 30-, 60-, and 90-day personalised plans and the help of an OBM.

Personalised plans

One-size-fits-all solutions rarely fit every business. Enter the power of personalised plans, that is, a structured roadmap tailored to your unique business needs, a 30-, 60-, and 90-day plan takes a phased approach to tackle immediate, short-term, and long-term goals.

These plans provide clarity, direction, and a sense of purpose for you and your team members.

In the initial 30 days, the focus is on quick wins and immediate improvements. As you progress into the next 60 days, you can delve deeper, implementing strategies that enhance operations and productivity. Finally, for the 90-day plan you work on strategies for sustainable growth and expansion.

The role of an OBM

While personalised plans lay the foundation, the expertise of an Online Business Manager (OBM) takes these plans to the next level.

An OBM is more than a consultant; they’re your strategic partner, collaborator, and execution expert. They bring a wealth of experience in orchestrating productivity, optimising operations, and driving continuous improvement.

And guess what? I can be that person for you!

An OBM seamlessly integrates into your team, understanding your business and your vision. They bridge the gap between your vision and getting the tasks done, ensuring that every element of your personalised plan is executed. From project management to resource allocation, an OBM ensures that the strategies are implemented correctly and with precision.

When the plans and an OBM combine, you get a thriving business

When personalised plans and an OBM join forces, remarkable transformations happen – and your business gains new focus and energy.

With an OBM’s guidance, these plans become more than documents; they evolve into dynamic action steps.

As your OBM works in partnership with your team, barriers to productivity are broken down, operational kinks are ironed out, and avenues for continuous improvement are explored. With their expertise, challenges turn into opportunities, and goals become milestones.

And your business dreams start coming true.

Working together with REAVA Solutions

Working with an OBM is for you if you:

  • don’t enjoy management
  • want to focus on your zone of genius
  • want your time back
  • want to focus on business growth and ditch the doing
  • want to do something exciting and keep momentum going
  • want someone you can strategise ideas with
  • want someone to be your sounding board
  • actively focus on ongoing, incremental improvements on your business
  • are looking for work as a service provider or consultant.

It’s simply not for you if you:

  • are not looking to change your mindset
  • cannot be coached or are not willing to change or learn
  • are not ready to let go
  • don’t trust your team
  • are looking for a done-for-you service

A thriving business in today’s competitive landscape requires a strategic blend of productivity, operational efficiency, and continuous improvement.

Personalised 30-, 60-, and 90-day plans provide the roadmap, while an OBM injects the knowledge and expertise needed to navigate the journey.

As you steer your business towards even more success, remember that thriving isn’t an elusive dream; it’s a tangible reality waiting to be unlocked through the power of personalised plans and an OBM’s guidance.

When you work with REAVA Solutions as your OBM, you can expect your 30-, 60-, and 90-day personalised plan done and actioned with your team.

Contact us today and let’s have a conversation about how to create a thriving business in 30, 60, and 90 days. Contact me here for a personalised chat.