“There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.” – Alan Cohen

The holiday season is officially upon us and as social convention warrants, this is the time when all of us resolve to change our lives for the better, implement new, productive habits and kick the old ones to the curb. But deep inside, we also know that it is not easy to manage the holidays and work all at once – after all, some of us only get a day or two off!  

For many businesses, this is the most profitable time of the year and for some, it is exciting, and for others, it might be a little overwhelming. You are most likely busy charting out your resolutions for the year 2020. Yet, if you are also keen on getting some work done but the holiday spirit is keeping you awfully distracted – I am here to help you keep up your momentum!  

Read on to find a few ideas and leads on what you can achieve in the festive and holiday season and still stay sane during this time.    

Prepare yourself and your business for the holidays!  

Just as you clean out your home to welcome a positive and happy vibe of the new year, make sure you schedule a few hours for some office and work related maintenance!  

If its is too nerve-wracking to pay attention to the bigger projects, it is absolutely fine to start small and easy!  

Organise your mailbox, cloud storage and filing: 

“Now, where did I save that document” is probably a thought you have on several occasions – if your inbox, cloud storage and filling processes are not organised enough. Save yourself minutes and hours of frantically searching for that important email or file and create that organised filing and naming system!  

Backup your data: 

If you have ever lost data before, you will probably understand the aftermath of this mistake. The chances of your valuable and crucial business data getting lost or deleted are a lot more if you have it saved and updated only on one device. Now might be a good time to get started on saving and backing up 2019’s data to make room for a whole year’s worth of valuable files and documents!  

Work out how you can manage your time better: 

Finding time is a challenge enough for entrepreneurs who wear many hats – not to mention frustrating! Take this time of the year as yet another chance for you to develop a method to manage your time more effectively in the upcoming year. Before you list out what you can do better, don’t forget to analyse what your past year has been like to gain more insight into where exactly you need to improve.    

Review your 2020 business plan: 

What does the year 2020 look like for you? If you have already drafted a business plan – kudos to you! But before you roll that out, I encourage you to take a moment to review your amazing business plan to weed out any errors or make any improvements!   

Create templates for presentation slides, social media posts and email correspondences: 

No matter what your business is about, you are bound to receive and send out several emails and documents! Do you have a template ready for each kind of content? Many business owners I have had the chance to interact with are often astonished to know that such a small task, when done systematically, could save so much time!  

I can help you grow your business exponentially 

If you have a business operations, systems or processes question that you’d like answered, join me at my monthly Q&A sessions where I will answer your questions personally. 

Starting and growing a business can be hard, but the thing that makes it easier is having the right people on your side and the systems, checklists and processes to help you and your team (even if you are outsourcing) run your business efficiently and effectively, giving you back precious time with your family and also time to do the thing that you do best, work on your business. 

I can help you and I can start by answering your questions. Join me here on this link:

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