Discover the REAVA strategy for business success

Want to know the secret strategy for business success?

Psst. Want to know the secret strategy for business success? Answer: It’s The REAVA method. At REAVA Solutions, we are more than just another systems organisation business … We are your next strategic move.

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”Michael E. Porter

In addition, business strategist, Michael Porter, explains it well … Your business success comes down to your next strategic move – and we believe that’s the REAVA method.

About REAVA Method

REAVA Solutions is the brainchild of business strategist and online business organisation extraordinaire, Ee Zen Cha.

With more than 20 years of business experience in industries spanning engineering, info tech, church ministry and hospitality, plus 15+ years’ experience and knowledge when it comes to business organisation. Ee Zen’s business success philosophy at REAVA Solutions is simple.

Let us do the tasks that take you away from achieving your big vision.

How to achieve business success in 5 easy steps

It’s easy. Just follow the REAVA method. “REAVA” is an easy-to-remember acronym and stands for:


As the first step in the REAVA method, Review is a necessary function in order to monitor and evaluate your company’s operations and systems. It should be carried out on a regular basis so you can understand what changes you need to implement, when you need to do it, and in what section of your business.

Without a periodic review, you won’t be able to build efficient systems and your business will keep sucking up your time, energy, and money.

Evaluate & Plan

Evaluating and planning your company’s systems and processes is essential as it helps you to better understand the needs of your company, team, and customers. Evaluating the suggestions from your review should point you in the right direction to formulate a plan to meet your existing long-term and short-term goals.

A good evaluation and plan will also help you to monitor and measure your progress as you work towards these goals and the future.


By taking the necessary action and strategically implementing your plan, you are helping your company to succeed. Business success. Tick!

An actionable plan will help everyone in your business have better-defined roles, with clear responsibilities and specific tasks, while it gives you the proper resources to make improvements operationally. It is important to remember that you could have the most well-devised plan but, if you do not take action, you will be wasting your time.


Having a clear way forward will help you achieve your vision quickly. It also means that you will be able to see what needs to be done next. A clear and far-reaching vision can also give your company a sense of purpose and direction for the future. With a solid vision for your company, you will be able to define and identify long and short-term goals in a logical way for you.


Finally, when all of the above steps combine, you will achieve much more in terms of growth for your business. This means that your team will grow, your operations will be more efficient, and you will have more opportunities and revenue in your business – and you will have more time to work on your big dreams and vision.

Discover the REAVA strategy to business success| REAVA Solutions Ee Zen Cha

Let REAVA Solution work with you on your business success

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