Entrepreneurs are always in a challenging situation. The pressure to be good at everything and so many things at once but having limited time puts us in quite a situation.  

You cannot put a price on your investment in self-development. 

Being an entrepreneur has its highs and lows – it is not a static job. This means that in this fast-paced world, technology changes, markets change and so do people. 

Now, even if you are a great business owner and a leader in your industry now, it doesn’t always mean that you will be – but if you invest in yourself and focus on your personal growth, you will certainly have an advantage!  

Course of action: Where do I begin?  

– Think about what you wish to learn: A mistake that we all make is that we try to emulate what successful people do. Your personal development goals must reflect your interests, wishes and needs. Grab a coffee, sit down and carefully consider what skills or knowledge YOU would like to have but never got down to.  

– Focus on one aspect at a time: When you brainstorm, you will probably end up with a long list of potential goals. Before you get too excited, hear me out! Do not pick up more than one thing. It is always better to focus all your energies in one place to reap the most benefits.  

More often than not, when you already feel like there is never enough time, if you overburden yourself with two or more projects it is likely that you will end up feeling overwhelmed and let it go before you learn anything.   

– Align your learnings with your business goals: While it is OK to pick up any new personal development project, as a business owner if you align your personal goals with your company’s goals – you will have a chance to put your learning to use!  

– If you are unable to decide, consult with a coach, advisor or mentor: Are you having trouble identifying your personal development goals, consult with an advisor who can offer a fresh perspective and also use their experience and knowledge to guide you with your plan.  

– Write it down, create a vision board and set it in stone: The only way you will be able to achieve your goal is if you follow through with it. Draft a detailed personal development plan with the same passion and dedication that you have when you make a business plan.  

This plan should ideally include short term goals, time frames, resources, end goals and rewards to keep you going!    

ProTip: As you get started, don’t forget to review your progress, challenges, highs and lows at regular intervals!  

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