Did you know: The power of delegation starts with a documenting your processes?

Many business owners realise that it’s important to delegate, but they don’t know where to start.

After years of doing things on their own, they’ve memorised the systems themselves, know all the ins and outs of every task, and can quickly troubleshoot any issue that comes up.

But the thought of passing all this info on to someone else just seems frightening … However, that’s where the power of process documentation comes in.

Process documentation: A must-have for delegation 

Successful delegation involves giving information – sometimes a lot of it – to someone else so that they can handle tasks that you typically manage. Delegation is a hugely powerful tool. It allows you to free up your time to focus on other tasks and lets you scale your business to new heights.

However, successful delegating doesn’t just involve telling someone what you want them to do and how often to do it – you need to provide materials for them to reference. Whether this is in the form of a booklet, a work “wiki” (wiki = what I know is) where all your processes are described, or videos with step-by-step instructions; process documentation is crucial for making this transition.

The benefits of delegation

The benefits of delegation

Letting go of tasks for the first time can feel intimidating – but if you’ve been stuck on the sidelines when it comes to delegation, consider these benefits.

Create a clone of yourself

A good delegate who knows how to handle tasks can effectively become your mini-me. They’ll become excellent at managing the jobs you assign to them, interact well with your clients and customers, and fill in for you as needed.


When you’re wearing multiple hats, tasks will eventually interfere with one another. If a client needs help ASAP, you’ll be forced to turn your attention away from other tasks, and critical items may get left undone. However, by delegating, you don’t have to worry about loose strings – you can account for every task and remain flexible to focus on separate items.

Free up time

This goes hand in hand with the last point. When you hand off work to others, your schedule opens up. You can use this time to attend to other business tasks or simply relax and enjoy the added flexibility.

Everyone knows their role

Delegation creates a clear framework for your employees. They know who handles what, who reports to whom, and how to effectively move work through your pipeline. People are less likely to drop the ball when they’re confident about their tasks.

Save training time 

Once your employee is trained in their tasks, they can train other workers, and so on. And with good documentation, the process becomes even easier since they can pass all the recorded info on to the next trainee. This ultimately saves you time, money, and energy.

Easier to fill in gaps

Business owners often fear losing their key players. The good thing about delegation is that you continually pass knowledge on to employees, so it isn’t as painful when someone leaves. Documentation also makes the process easier since you can quickly bring new hires up to speed.

A proven system for process documentation

A proven system for process documentation

Now you know the perks of delegating – but how should business owners approach documentation?

Today, almost everything is online. Many businesses use a digital filing system to keep track of documents, spreadsheets, and other key files. You can make your filing system as robust or as simple as you want with different layers of access and security for employee access.

Having a filing system of your documented processes is necessary for successful delegation. Here are a few quick tips to get started:

  • Make files searchable. You want your setup to be intuitive so that you can easily find documents, whether they were made yesterday or years ago.
  • Develop a consistent system for naming, updating, and storing files. Use a uniform name convention.
  • Backup your files weekly to cloud storage, and take backups of your backups. Redundancy is key.
  • Create folders for business planning, marketing and promotions, business operations, and products and services. Sort documents regularly into these folders to prevent clutter.

Delegate and document like a pro with help from REAVA Solutions

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