“Good service leads to multiple sales. If you take good care of your customers, they will open doors you could never open by yourself.” – Jim Rohn

Getting more clients doesn’t have to be a struggle, it can be really easy. But you need a strategy behind it in order to attract the right clients regularly.

And there are some key essentials you need in place first and foremost – and you must continually work on these areas continually for constant success well in the future!

3 essential keys to more (and more) clients consistently:

  1. Know your audience; their fears, frustrations, challenges, what they love, right down to their favourite drink (is it wine or coffee?).
  2. Understand your business and your offerings inside out. The better you know your audience, the better the products you can create for them and the easier the sales will be.
  3. Position yourself and your business as the only answer to their questions and problems. To do this you must be creating content and sharing information that they will fine helpful and useful.

Do these key essentials and you will see more success in attracting and acquiring new clients on a more regular basis.

When you know this information and you can repeat it over and over again with ease (and in your sleep)… the next steps to attracting and acquiring new clients more regularly looks like this: 

5 ways to get more clients

  1. Align your business goals with your time and the resources you have available. Look at your goal and pricing structure – do they reflect each other or do you need to look at your prices and put them up?!
  2. Start to build a team around you so you can work on your high-revenue generating tasks, not the daily grind activities that need to be done, but not by you.
  3. Priortise your time and money. Money-making activities should be done first in the day. After all, it’s getting the clients and making the sales that keeps you in business. They need priority.
  4. Create and continually update your marketing strategy. It’s job is to build your list and convert prospects into clients.
  5. Set up your systems: This will help keep you organised and consistent on repetitive tasks and not wasting time on anything else! When you set up your systems, you declutter your mind can focus more on converting leads!

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