Did you know: Strategic planning and execution can lead you to achieve business results aligned to your goals for consistent and meaningful results every month and year.

But there are few things you need to know first – and that’s what I want to share with you in this blog.

What does it mean to achieve business results?

“Business results are measures of the product and operational performance of a business. Results demonstrate the quality and value of products and services that lead to customer satisfaction and customer engagement.” (Source: MN.gov)

The results you get in your business may be completely different to the results I get in my business – however, we are both successful.

It’s important to understand that to achieve business results that are meaningful to your business, they need to be aligned to your specific goals. That way you know  what results you need to drive your business forward in the right direction for you. 

You are the visionary in your business and your big dream and the big picture of the business is dependent on what you want to achieve for you. 

There are four things successful businesses do to get consistent results:

You can achieve business results by:

  1. Having a strategic plan with specific and measurable goals. 
  2. Building an “execution team” around you and communicate your goals to your entire team so everyone is on the same page. 
  3. Implementing your strategic plan and focus on the priorities.
  4. Understanding the past to create your future direction – so you can see the results unfold.

How I use my Strategic Planner to get the right results for me

Achieve business results | REAVA Solutions, VA & OBM services, Melbourne

Two years ago I started using a strategic planner template that I created to help me get more organised and focused in my business, so I could start achieving the results that I really wanted.

Ee Zen in business two years ago:

My struggle was with growth strategies, including my focus areas, niche, messaging and getting the right team onboard. I said yes to too many things and ended up attracting the wrong clients, work and networks.

I also knew I needed to do some work on my mindset. I had imposter syndrome and felt like a fraud because I had two young children, was trying to run my business, be a mum, run a household and still be all the things to everyone that I had been previously.

My mindset was really stopping me from moving forward. 

My goal setting was surface based. I didn’t plan properly and didn’t put big numbers next to each goal. I also didn’t talk about my big dreams or vision and I didn’t plan with my vision and mission in mind. 

Ee Zen in business today:

Since I started using my Strategic Planner template and became more systemised, I started to achieve business results that were meaningful to me and my business. I was getting a consistent flow of clients, I was having consistent months and my business was growing. 

When I reflected on what I had done, I realised I was following a strategic framework, and from there the Strategic Planning template was born.

After I looked at my numbers, records and insights, I saw what I had done differently from year to year. 

  • I put numbers against my goals
  • I knew the areas where I needed help
  • I created a list of priorities
  • And I got people to help me. I built a team

After the second year of implementing my Strategic Planning template, I was consistently earning five figures annually – as a part-time business so I could be at home with my family, raise my children, run my household and still be everything I needed to be for myself and others. 

You can achieve business results like this too … keep reading!

So what did I do differently?

I changed my mindset, set goals, KPIs and priorities.  I’m working less, because I’m more organised and my business is systemised and automated.  And I started to believe in myself more and the value I offer, and so I put my prices up. I was, and still am, determined to follow the process I created to see better results and show you it really can be done.

Would you like my system so you can do the same?

Strategic Planning Template: Achieve business results that matter to you

To help you work less and charge more, download my free Strategic Planning template today. It’s designed to help you move your business in a direction that is right for you (and your business).

The template will give you the structure you need to review your business, identify opportunities for growth, and develop your operations and team.

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