Taking action can be intimidating as an entrepreneur. Even if you have an idea of what you want to accomplish, it’s hard to take the first step without a plan in mind. 

In order to make progress in your business, you have to combine action with a positive, growth-oriented mindset. Here are some tips for getting into a mindset that empowers you to invest time and resources into your business. 

Gearing your mindset toward growth and success 

1. Decide what actions to take 

Business owners often lose time and productivity simply because they don’t know what to focus on. This is especially true in the early stages when there are many things you could be doing to grow your business. After all, focusing on social media marketing might be a viable strategy, but growing your email list is important too, and so is building and improving your website. 

When you feel pulled in many directions, it’s best to go back to the fundamentals: What approach is most likely to generate more leads and clients? What have you tried so far that has proven to work? How is your time best spent? 

Of course, it’s fun to tinker with different ideas as you grow your business, but building a strong foundation is necessary for getting into a positive mindset. If you experiment with too many things at once, you might not see the right approach until the end — and you’ll never know if it could have been successful. 

2. Be ready and willing to help 

Ultimately, your job is to solve problems for your clients – even on days when it’s hard, when you’re tired, or when you feel fresh out of ideas. Although you may have extensive qualifications and education to offer your clients, the people you work with likely chose you in part because of your can-do approach and positive attitude. Don’t underestimate the power of a willing attitude: it says a lot to others when you’re willing to go the extra mile. 

At the same time, be realistic about what you can and can’t do. Set boundaries and expectations from the get-go so that you have healthy relationships with your clients (and prevent burnout). You’ll be in a stronger position to help others if you take care of yourself first!

3. Rely on others 

It’s common to feel overwhelmed while growing a company, especially if you’re doing a lot of the work on your own. It’s wise to invest in help and to build a team sooner rather than later. After all, you want to have the bandwidth to take on new clients and a team in place to ensure that everyone’s needs are met. 

As you grow, an online business manager (OBM) is one of the first positions that you should fill on your team. Hiring an OBM makes things easier for you since OBMs can wear many hats in HR, finance, marketing, and planning. They can also help with expanding your team as the business grows. 

4. Execute your plan with positivity 

It’s not enough to think about the big picture – you have to take action to create it. Once you know the actions you need to take for growth, develop a strong team and find the right balance with your current clients, you need to execute your plans. 

Remember that, at first, things may happen slowly. It takes time to see the results of newly-implemented ideas. Don’t get discouraged right away – instead, make sure to track your progress and be ready to make adjustments along the way if they’re needed. 

If you need help with these 4 steps, it’s time to invest in your business – and in yourself 

The best place to start is by expanding your team so you can start delegating and outsourcing and get back to working on growing your business.

An online business manager (OBM) is an all-in-one solution for business management, human resources, process management, and team supervision. As fully remote workers, they can integrate seamlessly with your online business team. 

If you need help staying organised, reaching your goals, and assembling an all-star team, an OBM can handle these tasks so that you can focus on high-level planning, which allows you to take your business to the next level. Reach out to REAVA today if you’d like help from an OBM.