As a business owner, life can get so busy that you miss out on opportunities to reflect on where you came from and where you’re going.

But even if you have a lot of projects on your plate, taking time to reflect and envision your future is necessary for growing and leading your business. As the owner and manager of your entire team, it’s up to you to have the creative and strategic vision to take your business to the next level.

Hence becoming a visionary entrepreneur!

This guide describes how to be a visionary for your business in 2021 and provides advice to take your business to new heights.

Why all businesses need a visionary entrepreneur

Owners set the tone for their business and provide direction in all areas, from sales and marketing to planning and management.

Naturally, owners fit into this role because they started the company and have an idea of the direction in which they want to take it. You can have visionary thinkers in any department and at any level, and it’s great to have people like this on your team for inspiration – but ultimately, businesses need a visionary entrepreneur as the leader if the goal is to grow.

In a competitive world like ours, growth can be tricky. Entrepreneurs are constantly having to pivot, experiment, and go out on a limb with ideas that may not be proven – and the stakes are often high. When you implement new plans or ideas, it’s usually your reputation, time, and money that’s on the line.

Visionary thinkers can dream about the future and set big goals while staying rooted in reality. Their goals are backed by data, marked with milestones, and supported with realistic objectives. Visionary entrepreneurs are always dreaming and planning, and taking time to put their plans into action. This combination leads to growth and success over time.

Your business organisation chart  

Every business has a unique organisational chart that helps outline people’s roles and provides direction for new hires. If you’re trying to create a structure for your online business, consider this model:

Your business organisation chart

Visionary entrepreneur model: Explanation of roles

Visionary: Owner or leader of a business. This person guides the company’s growth and acts as the final decision maker for all high-level processes. They know where the business started, know where it’s headed, and understand all the unique ins and outs of its operations.

Online business manager (OBM): An OBM is one of two roles that report directly to the owner. This person manages processes and projects, helps the company meet deadlines, and puts high-level plans into action. They help ensure that teams are staying on track and meeting goals.

Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA): VPAs also report to the owner, but they handle more basic day-to-day tasks that aren’t tied to high-level initiatives. They might be in charge of managing the owner’s schedule, taking care of data entry, and completing projects for the owner.

Departments: Department heads and individuals in departments manage tasks specific to their areas of focus, like accounting, marketing, or sales. Their efforts flow up to the OBM, who will verify that they’re staying on track.

With the right organisation and good systems in place, you’ll be in a better position to level up your business in 2021 – that’s why it’s crucial to establish a solid foundation.

5 key areas for business growth in 2021

1. Client experience:

Creating positive experiences for your clients is crucial for long-term growth and retention. Clients want to know that their needs are met. Ask yourself: What are some simple ways that I can show appreciation to my clients? What can I do or say to ensure they have an excellent experience every time they work with me?

2. Team and hiring:

If you’re dealing with unproductive or difficult team members, or struggling to hire, your entire team will feel the strain. Swift, corrective action is necessary to keep your team focused so that you can move forward: Ask these questions: Does my current team work well together? If not, what or who is the problem? How can I hire more effectively in 2021 for better results?

3. Finance:

You simply have to have your finances to get an accurate picture of your business. If numbers aren’t your thing, it’s essential to pass accounting on to another capable team member so that you can make sound financial decisions. Consider these questions: Am I comfortable with my financial processes? Do I have easy access to all the information I need to make critical financial decisions?

Systems enable scalability

4. Information and management:

Having a handle on your data is crucial for decision making and planning. Ideally, your systems are nailed down to the point where you can access information whenever it’s needed. These questions apply: Do I have the information management systems in place to keep growing? Are my systems adequate for my current needs?

5. Marketing and branding:

Both of these efforts are central to your presence and future growth. Chances are that your marketing efforts are constantly evolving to meet current needs and trends. Ask yourself this: are my current marketing efforts effective? What changes should I make to adapt to marketing trends?

Next Step

Leveling up your business through visionary thinking takes constant effort and focus – but with the right foundational systems and processes in place, it’s completely possible.

And an OMB might be your missing link to more business success.

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