If you’ve ever asked yourself what business automation can do for you, I can paint a pretty picture for you! 

  • You know those recurring (somewhat annoying) tasks you have to do each day, week and month? Guess what? You can automate them.
  • And you know how you might forget to do something really important because you’ve got so much on? Well, guess what? You can automate those tasks too.
  • And you know how you’re spending A LOT of money on that thing (you know the one!), we’ll, I’m betting you can automate it too.

 So if you’ve ever asked what business automation can do for you, the answer is save you time, money and your sanity, while helping you to be more productive and efficient.

And not only you, but your team too!

So would you like to learn how to get started when it comes to business automation?

I knew you’d say yes!

What is business automation?

“Business process automation is the use of technology to execute recurring tasks or processes in a business where manual effort can be replaced. It is done to minimise costs, increase efficiency, and streamline processes.” (Source: KissFlow)

If you’ve been manually doing the same tasks over and over again for a long time, it’s now time to automate your business processes and set it to autopilot.

How to automate your business process with these 3 steps:

Business automation | REAVA Solutions, VA & OBM services, Melbourne

1. Create a plan

When you’re just starting out with your systems and business automation, it’s important to create a plan.  Start where you need the most help now and then move forward from there. What’s an area of your business that’s giving you the most grief or frustration? What’s taking up most of your time? What are activities you despise doing, or are not good at? Write them all down and start automating them.

2. Look for software that will do the work for you

Next look for software that can do the job for you. Ask other business owners, talk to a VA or engage an OBM, research apps and browser extensions, ask in groups. You will be surprised as to what is out there to help automate your business.

3. Automate your business processes

Now automate as much as you can. You may do some of this yourself using free or paid apps, programs and extensions. Or you may have to contract someone to do this work for you (depending on how tech-savvy you are). Either way, doing the work now will save you many hours and heartache so you can spend more time with your family and doing the things you truly love!

Business automation: One more thing…

It’s always a good idea to regularly assess your systems and processes to see what’s working well, what needs improvement, and what still needs to be implemented. Make this a monthly task. And always remember to check your automations in case something stops working.

A lack of automation in your business can cause you to lose focus on what really matters, miss important deadlines and feel stressed. Let’s stop those feelings and start living again. If you need help to automate your business, please get in touch and book a 30-minute systems strategy call so we can work out what you need to know to create a better business and future for you.