All challenges and obstacles can be addressed with a workflow and system.

That’s a big call, I know, but I believe it to be true. All of your challenges in business just need a system.

In this blog, you’ll learn what systems and workflow are and how they can help you stay organised in business so you can overcome your challenges, stay sane and thrive in business!

What does a system do?

According to the book “Field Guide to Consulting and Organizational Development”, a system is “an organised collection of parts (or subsystems) that are highly integrated to accomplish an overall goal. The system has various inputs, which go through certain processes to produce certain outputs, which together, accomplish the overall desired goal for the system.

For example, you have a system for getting paid by your clients.

  • You send an invoice through your accounting platform (for example, Xero or MYOB).
  • The platform offers several ways to pay, for example, direct deposit, Paypal or Stripe for credit cards.
  • Your client pays the invoice.
  • The money appears in your bank account.
  • If your client doesn’t pay, the platform sends a reminder email. automatically with a link to pay.
  • Your client pays.

That’s a system. But in order to get paid (and thrive in business) there are other subsystems working within that main system, for example, your bank, the accounting software and possibly even your bookkeeper.

What’s the difference between a workflow and a process?

“The difference between a workflow and process is: A workflow is a series of steps that make up a task, while a process is a set of activities that help organisations accomplish specific goals. Both are essential for getting things done.” That’s the word from Frevvo.

So, the goal might be to get clients to pay within 7 days of receiving the invoice. The process to getting paid by your clients looks like this:

  1. The client books the work.
  2. An invoice is sent for a deposit which is paid before work begins.
  3. Deposit is paid by the client.
  4. Your OBM adds it to your client workload.
  5. It is delegated to one of your team.
  6. The work is completed and sent to the client.
  7. An invoice is generated for the rest of the payment owed.
  8. The client approves the work.
  9. The client pays the final invoice within 7 days.
  10. The money lands in your bank account.

The workflow for getting paid by your client is about completing the work they need efficiently and on time and having a process to get the job done.

Subheader: How can a workflow and system help you thrive in business?

Workflows, systems and processes are crucial to a thriving business, however, many business owners overlook these areas because they are deemed too hard, too time-consuming, or it’s unchartered territory because a business owner doesn’t have the skills to set them up successfully.

However, here’s how a workflow and systems can help you business:

  • Stay focused.
  • Track your progress and make better decisions.
  • Stay accountable and keep your promises.
  • Reduce risk and protect your investment.
  • Establish a routine and be more consistent.
  • Build a strong marketing and business strategy.
  • Stay motivated and excited about your business.
  • Avoid common pitfalls and errors that can lead to failures.

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