“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Steve Jobs

There are many and varied reasons why people become business owners and each one has a different business purpose. It may be for personal fulfilment, independence, or flexibility. But the most common reason that people start their business comes down to one word … freedom.

Freedom for you may look vastly different to the meaning of freedom for someone else, but for me that freedom, my business purpose, looks like this:

  • Flexibility –Flexibility to choose my hours, type of work, whether I travel and who I work with.  I choose to work with online businesses because I want the flexibility to be able to work remotely, but that’s also important for my clients who want the same. 
  • Financial independence – My mum always told me and my sisters that we had to maintain our financial independence even after getting married! My business is my backup household income, having  been through recessions and a global financial crisis.
  • Pride and fulfilment – For me, my business is about making a difference to empower business women to make change and to free up their time to see their vision and dreams come to life.

It’s that last point that is also my “why” in business.

“As women gain more power and influence in the world of business, they bring with them fresh ideas and innovation. Across a wide range of industries, greater gender equality helps to create new products, services, and businesses.” (Source: FutureLearn)

This is what I want to see in the world – women doing more incredible things, working on their big visions to help others and seeing their dreams become reality.

And I help them to let go of the mundane day-to-day activities that serve their clients, but don’t serve them, so they have the time, space and resources to become the true visionary in their business.

My business purpose and vision for the future with REAVA Solutions

My true business purpose and vision is to create job opportunities for local people. 

In my personal time, I spent six years in church ministry work – outreach, youth camps, and as a youth leader. It was this experience that helped shape my vision for the future: To become an agency that provides job opportunities for disabled people.

At REAVA Solutions, I pride myself on good work ethics and open communication with my clients. I believe in being transparent. As an OBM and VA, I’m committed to your business, teamwork, and collaborations. As a person, I’m committed to families and self-care.

Being able to take a business and organise it so well that it runs on autopilot, which means your operations are efficient, your team is productive, and you have enough time to work on your big vision (and be there for your family commitments too) – that’s my superpower!

My background and experience in engineering, computer systems, quality management, systems, human resources, health and safety, along with CRM, digital marketing, business development, content writing, project management, online business management and social media means you can trust me with your business.

My values play a big part in my business “why”

My “why” and business purpose feeds directly into the values that are important to me in running and growing my business, and include:


Empowering you to thrive in your business so you can be the visionary and I support you in making your dreams come true.

Value adding:

Being your asset not your expense, and helping you to improve your efficiency and productivity by streamlining and simplifying your operations.


Setting up your systems and procedures for training and delegation with ease so you achieve consistent outcomes and results, and reduced errors.


Use your historical data to analyse what’s working and what’s not, and use that feedback to tweak your process to achieve all-around better results.

Every day I broaden my business purpose, knowledge in different industries and expertise, which opens up my eyes to new experiences. This only adds to the joy of pursuing my passion – I truly love what I do.

Learn more about me, Ee Zen Cha, here.