Streamlining your business is a never-ending journey and just when you think you have it sorted, it’s time to update them again!

Don’t worry, that’s completely normal and it’s at this time of year that planning and streamlining your business is crucial to kick off the new calendar year in business.

In this blog, I’m walking you through how to re-streamline your systems and processes so they keep up with your ever-evolving business, plus who to ask for help when it all gets too much.

It’s a great time for a business reset

Now, here’s the secret.

Not all business owners streamline (or re-streamline) their businesses often, if at all.


  1. Download my Strategic Planning Template each quarter to reset your goals and priorities and work on your big vision.
  2. Complete my Self-rating Business Systems Checklist every November and mark yourself out of 10 in each area of business.
  3. Don’t forget the areas you may have already streamlined because chances are you’ve implemented some changes in the last 12 months and they may need to be re-streamlined and updated so they work efficiently and effectively for you.
  4. Then engage an Online Business Manager (OBM like me!) to help you improve the areas of business that are letting you down.

Why is streamlining your business important?

Systems and processes are often the last thing a business owner thinks about when they are trying to stay on top of things. However, it’s your systems and processes that will save you time, money and your sanity when your business starts getting busier.

Streamlining is necessary to:

  • Make sure your business is efficient and productive.
  • Automate your business’s systems and processes to improve efficiency.
  • Document your processes so your knowledge is transferable to other team members.
  • Start using project management tools to manage your team, projects and time.
  • Review your tech platforms when you’re in growth mode.
  • Implement software and programs capable of handling your business’s growth.
  • Most importantly, streamlining is important if your business is in growth mode.

Re-streamlining your business: Start here

Streamlining your business … It’s a never-ending upgrade to your business and now’s the best time to look at updating your systems and processes.

And there’s only one question you need to ask yourself: What’s changed?

If you’re unsure, download my Self-rating Business Systems Checklist and start here.

Then look at each secion and ask yourself:

  1. Have there been any changes to this system?
  2. Are there any updates to the current workflow for each system and process?

The beauty of my Self-rating Business Systems Checklist is that you can review your systems and processes and make sure they are still working or update if need be.

If something has changed in your business, it’s likely your systems and processes will need updating too.

Why get an Online Business Manager to help you?

An Online Business Manager (OBM) can help:

  • If you’re in growth mode and need help managing your workload so you don’t become a bottleneck as your business gets busier.
  • Stay on top of your business and get your systems and processes organised so you’re not overwhelmed.
  • Be your right hand person and business partner, helping you strategise business growth, and execute and implement projects at an executive level.
  • Achieve the big-vision goals that are aligned with your business values.

Is it time to streamline your business?

Download this Self-rating Business Systems Checklist and rate yourself to see how your systems and processes are working for you. By filling out the checklist (which is quick and easy!), you will discover the areas of your business that need attention and if an OBM can help streamline them for you.