Have you ever heard those sayings-


“We are better together!”

“Two brains are better than one.”

“You pay to earn.”

Well, they’re all talking about scaling, team building and empowering!


When you scaled your sales, you need to scale your team, as well, to sustain your delivery and the quality of your services. Having a team is not only to boost your productivity, but also to let you focus on your vision and while you expand your business.

Your Team = Your Assets

Your team members are your assets. You need to show your appreciation for them, give them the rewards they deserve, recognise their efforts, trust them, and give them the opportunity to grow and develop their skills.. You also need to show them how they can succeed when working with you. The more you empower your team, the more you thrive in business.


As the famous motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar said,

“You don’t build a business, you build people, and then people build the business.”


Once you have the right environment to facilitate your team, you want to make sure each of them has certain qualities to help each other, which, together, allows them to achieve optimum results for your business.


If you’re a total DIY person (like me), then you need to stop this habit and start practising delegation. Trust me, delegation takes time to master. Sometimes it’s not just about instructing people, sometimes you need to provide instructions or training to support them before they can manage it themselves with little supervision. Although we might be using the same apps or software, we don’t necessarily have the same working style. So, you need some documentation for training purposes.


As we all are unique, it does take time to work  with each other,  it takes time to sync to our working habits, so the best time to look for your dream team is when you’re not crazy busy. Start hunting and making connections with the people you want to have on your team. Engage them with a small project and evaluate your working experience with those individuals. You never know who is going to be the best fit.

Make Your Hiring/Outsourcing Effortless

To have an effortless hiring or outsourcing process, you need to understand your local authority requirements and to identify your requirements and needs before bringing someone onboard.  Consider:

  • Skills and experience levels
  • Whether they need to be local or overseas
  • Male or female
  • In-house or subcontractor
  • Working hours
  • Personality type
  • Training
  • Work turnover
  • Project duration
  • Project scope
  • Remuneration
  • Interview processes


If you’re finding yourself missing deadlines, feeling disorganized, and continuously working late into the night, then you probably need to consider scaling your team to free up your own time and to help get your business back on track. If you need to discuss further, PM me, and we will chat further.

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