When you’re working non-stop every day, it’s easy to let your health slide. But while living on caffeine and little sleep may seem sustainable at first, it won’t help you in the long run.

At some point, you have to assess your well-being, mindset, and your balance of daily activities to make sure you’re living a fulfilling and healthy life.

Thriving in your business starts with caring for yourself 

If you’re hitting a creative wall, struggling to focus, or having trouble with keeping a positive mindset, ask yourself this: am I taking care of my mind and body? If the answer is no, it’s time to make some changes. This guide covers simple things you can do to improve your health and well-being.

Eat healthy and drink water

Our bodies are like machines – they need nutrients each day to stay in great shape. Without enough nourishment, you can’t expect your body or mind to perform at its best. Try to eat nutritious, well-rounded meals each day that include protein, grains, and fresh greens. Drink plenty of water all day long and eat snacks as needed to boost your energy. It’s okay to indulge here and there with sweets or a processed snack, but don’t let those foods become the norm.

If time is an issue when it comes to food preparation, consider preparing your meals in advance or even using a meal delivery service to make life easier. The time and money invested are worth it for health and longevity.


Exercise is another crucial part of staying healthy. Many of us live idle lifestyles planted in front of our computers or sitting at our desks. Getting your heart pumping each day, even with a short walk or a 15-minute workout, can do wonders for your body. Although exercise may seem tiring in the moment, you’ll feel invigorated once your workout is done. Try to create an exercise each day so that your body stays strong and healthy.

Focus on high-level tasks

Spend time with family and friends

For most people, relationships are key to happiness in life. Some business owners have a tendency to neglect their relationships, especially early on when they’re working so hard on their business. If this describes you, start by making small changes. Resolve to check in with a friend or family member each day, even if it’s with a quick text message. Set aside a date or movie night each week to enjoy time with someone special.

 Meditation and visualisation

Meditation is much more than sitting in silence. It’s a chance to reflect on how you feel in that moment and to connect with yourself. Clearing your mind is also helpful for coming up with new ideas, making future plans, and getting inspiration for growing your business. Visualisation involves picturing your future and seeing yourself in five, 10, or 20 years. This exercise is useful for establishing a course in your life. 

Health extends to your business, too!

Physical health is important, but there are also ways that you can improve the health of your business and team. Here are a few ways to boost your business health levels:

Create a vision board

Vision boards are visual representations of what you want your business to become. Your board can include pictures or quotes that illustrate your goals, whether they are financial, lifestyle, or growth milestones. You can keep the vision board to yourself or share it with your team. Update your board from time to time if your plans change.

Make a 90-day plan

Setting plans is a great way to give yourself a reset if your business lacks direction. Sit down and come up with milestones that you want to accomplish in a week, a month, and 90 days. Come up with actionable strategies that relate to each milestone – and don’t forget to celebrate when you reach your goals!

Outsource tasks

Pro tip: if you’re overwhelmed and struggling to keep up with your work, don’t forget the power of delegation! Outsourcing helps you reclaim your time and allows you to focus more on the people and things that you love.

An online business manager (OBM) can handle most of the high-level tasks that you are managing now, including hiring, team management, planning, and goal setting. They’re your right-hand man (or woman) and can handle most of the tasks that you’re doing now.

If you want to see how an OBM can help you, get in touch with REAVA Solutions today.

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