“Hiring the right people takes time, the right questions and a healthy dose of curiosity.” – Richard Branson

Your people are your greatest asset. Not only can they relieve the pressures of business, they can also give you back your precious time and help you grow and scale to the next level.

Hence, why they are considered an “asset” – that’s if you hire the right people around you, of course.

Failure to hire the right people for the right roles can be detrimental to your business success, setting you back and undoing your hard work.

But it is a common mistake almost all business owners make at some point.
Did you know it takes an average of 82 days to fill in a vacant position? (Source: AFR)

Whether you are rushed to hire someone, or you just need to fill a position or you don’t know how to hire correctly – there are many reasons why you can end up with the wrong team members.

So in this blog, I’d like to share the most important things to consider when hiring the right person for your team.

There are four key areas when you’re considering a new hire or even contracting a position. These include:

  • Wage decision: What is your budget and what can you realistically afford? Start here when you are considering hiring for the first time, or expanding your team. Do research into the going rate for the position or project you need help with, look at what recruiters are paying and look at the levels of experience compared to the wage range.
  • Location: Will you hire from overseas or find someone local? There is no right or wrong decision when it comes to this area of hiring. It really depends on what you need and it comes down to the tasks you need accomplished. If the tasks don’t require the person to be in your timezone then you can easily outsource to someone overseas. Often getting an overseas person can be a more cost-effective option, which I’ll discuss in the next points. 

However, if you need someone to handle your inbox and you need emails sent and replied to during the business hours, a local person may be able to do this more effectively. You don’t want to be “replying” to an email at 1am because your VA is in a different timezone to you or your customers.

Other tasks that may be location dependent include event support (for example, you may need help with your Zoom calls at 9am AU time but your VA is in the US and it’s 2am there), or social/groups support where there may be instances that you need to reply to people’s comments or messages in real time.

  • Responsibility: What responsibilities will you give your new dream team member? What do you need them to take off your hands? Experience doesn’t necessarily matter because you can teach people what you need done, but you need to know what to delegate first and who you need to bring on board to help you, then the training can begin.

  • Trial period: Time is of the essence when you’re hiring new people. It is also important to give yourself and your new person time to sync, hence having a trial period can benefit both you and your dream team members. If you discover you are not a good match, then you can both easily let go and move on.

Build your dream team and hire the right people 

If you need help to hire the right people, that person for the job is an OBM (online business manager). While you are out living your dream and working on your big vision, your OBM can source the right people for the roles you need filled and manage the hires as a project.

All you need to do is oversee it from a big-picture point of view. How great does that sound?! No more hiring headaches, just efficient use of your time and the right person to find the right people for your dream team.

Get in touch with me today for a chat about your team hiring needs and let’s get you on the path to business success by getting the right people around you. link