I think many of us can agree that everyone has a little best friend called PROCRASTINATION. We procrastinate for any one of a number of reasons. On a personal level, I’ve procrastinated working to improve my content writing for the last two years!

Let’s ask the question: why did I procrastinate to write? Frankly put, because my will power wasn’t strong at all. That’s why my excuses are actually valid statements to put this task on hold:

  • Lack of confidence and having numerous self-doubts

  • Fearful of being judged

  • Feeling overwhelmed

  • Having no idea where to start or what to write

  • A lack of willpower

Shifting Your Mindset and Embracing Change

Email marketing and blog writing is something I know I should be doing to connect with my leads and prospects. But you know what- I procrastinated! I procrastinated because I’m so scared of being judged. English is not my first language. In fact, I actually know 6 languages and they all differ in many ways, from structure, the meaning of words, and they even form a sentence in different ways too. And, I’ll even admit, I do get mixed up sometimes in my content writing, as well as during conversations with others.


I also know that the more I procrastinate, the more I’m putting my business at risk because I’m not building to my tribe and the raving fans. I know if I want to get online leads but my online profile isn’t complete and it’s inconsistent, well than honestly, that’s not going to work. Like many people, I’m quite overwhelmed in many ways and frustrated because a lack of action yields no results.

Last year, towards the end of spring, everything changed.  I registered to attend Liz’s, free content writing challenges (side note- she’s the founder of EC Writing Services-OMG!!!) I got so many gold nuggets from Liz. Her message is incredibly inspiring and motivating, and, most importantly, it’s easy to follow and implement. Her message resonates with me so well, and then I signed up for her course at the end of the challenge. After taking her course, everything has truly been lifted up! I have become better at planning, embracing more with the words, and I’m able to produce an article within 2-3 hours, whereas, compared to before, I would spend a whole day simply thinking about it.


Happy Results

I had 14 new subscribers to my list over the last 4 weeks since I started blogging and creating more campaigns. Imagine if I could convert 10 per cent in every quarter, which means I would be bringing in another 40 per cent in sales to my business, every year. How great is that!?


Can you see the results? Whatever you’re procrastinating with now, look at the numbers and figure out how much you’re losing- that should be great incentive!


Let me tell you, it is not too late to break the curse, but you need to shift your mindset, and embrace the change. Focus on your goals, do the dirty work, and you CAN overcome whatever you’re procrastinating.


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