You know how plants need sunshine to grow? Give them a little and they may thrive a little, give them just the right amount and they will show their true beauty with thick foliage, vibrant green leaves and beautifully perfumed flowers.

An Online Business Manager (OBM) is your business’s sunshine – and you can’t grow and succeed in this online business world without one.

In this blog, I’m lifting the lid on why having an OBM role in your business is critical to your success.

NOTE: They are probably your next step in business growth right now!

Why an Online Business Manager role is critical for success

An OBM will work with you at a business partner level to create specific strategies to help your business grow. They will manage the project, strategy, event or team from start to finish. They are, in essence, the planners in your business.

They can also implement the tasks involved in your workflows and delegate to your Virtual Assistants, contractors and other team members.

REAL-LIFE OBM ROLE: Event preparation example

If you’re getting ready for your next online workshop or webinar, your OBM would oversee the event as a project, making sure all tasks are completed on time and milestones met, advising on the strategy of the event and hiring the right people to help. They will work with you and your team to get it done.

That means you don’t have to worry about the ins-and-outs of the event and you can work on perfecting your material. This will make for a stress-free presentation where you can focus on your audience and get more sales.

An Online Business Manager needs to be…

The person who takes on this role in your business organisational chart will be:

  • Your right-hand-man/woman, your business partner and your partner in crime!
  • Proactive and strategic thinker to help take your business to the next level.
  • A business integrator to help you bring all the moving parts of your business together and achieve your goals. They will help you let go of the mundane day-to-day activities that serve your clients, but don’t serve you, so you can become a true visionary in your business.

What can an Online Business Manager do for you?

1. Focus on big-picture goals (helps you work towards these!)

If you are spending a lot of time managing your business, but really need to focus on your big-picture goals for the business’s future, an OBM is your go-to person.

2. Manage daily operations (so you don’t have to)

An OBM can step in to help your growing team so you can keep focusing on your vision and don’t need to balance your time between your business growth and essential (but mundane) day-to-day tasks and your family.

3. Build your SOPs and business backend for sustainable growth

If your SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) have gone out the window with the growth of your business and you and your team are struggling to keep up (and errors are being made), an OBM can help get everything under control.

4. Identify areas of improvement

They are the masters of improvement – they just have that superpower! An OBM can help you streamline your workflow, systems and process, while also helping to optimise your operations. This will result in a more efficient business that starts working without you – so you can take a break, spend more time with loved ones and family or just have the capacity to work on your business and big vision.

You can read more about what an OBM does here in this blog. Link to August blog

Does your business need some sunshine?

Do you have an OBM role within your business? If not, it’s time to insert one into your business’s org chart, and give your business a little sunshine!

Sunshine makes everything grow and succeed, and an OBM role in your business will be the same, so you’re not feeling overwhelmed by everything you have to do in your business.

An OBM will help you streamline your business so it works without you and you can get on with achieving your big vision. Get in touch with me to learn more today.