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We will help you be more productive and give you back your precious time.

Virtual assistant business services: Is it time to hire a VA?

Did you know: 25 percent of Australia’s small-business owners are clocking up more hours per week than the average doctor, and that a third do not take time off over Christmas? (Source: Prospa)

Did this statistic just tug at your heart because you know it’s true?

You’re not alone. It’s a fact that small business owners are busy people and sometimes it can feel overwhelming and frustrating much of the time.

If this is you, it’s time you started outsourcing your “daily grind” activities to a Virtual Assistant (VA).

What is a Virtual Assistant (VA): A VA is a professional (or ninja!) when it comes to office administration work. They work for you virtually from their own home or office.

Are you ready for a virtual assistant to help grow your business?

It’s time to say NO to the mundane and YES to reclaiming your time.

NO to:
Being overwhelmed and frustrated.
Working around the clock on mundane day-to-activities.
Losing time with your family.
Missing fun with friends.

And YES to:

More productivity.
More time to grow your business and get more clients.
More time with loved ones.
More time for yourself.

It’s time to say YES to a VA.


Veronika Warren - Parish Administrator, Berwick Anglican Church

I have had the opportunity to work with Ee Zen in a team and was taken back by her fast thinking, efficiency and neat work provided. With her experienced grasp there was a certainty to have the job done quickly and with no mistakes. The best description is professional approach with personal touch.

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Christine Stow, Author – Not Just Imyjen’s Mother & Magnetic Mind Transformations Coach

5 reasons you need a VA (or another VA):


They are your support, the crux of your business. You know how important the day-to-day activities are in your business, but now you don’t have time to do them. Your VA is your business cheerleader helping you get the small, but extremely important tasks done.


Increase your productivity. The more you outsource to your VA (or VAs), the more time you have to work on your business growth.


Efficiency. You’ll get more done in less time with the help of a VA so you can scale more quickly.


Help lower the costs in your business. You won’t have the associated costs with an employee and you don’t have the training costs either.


Offer better customer service in a timely manner.

Hire a VA to help you with:


Managing your email inbox (which has become a beast!)


Sending and responding to emails


Creating, updating, maintaining databases


Data entry


Data mining and online research


Canva images


Posting to social media


Updating your website or uploading blogs


Any admin work (for example, word processing)


Creating presentations

Virtual assistant services: Ready to reclaim your time to grow your business?

So why do you need a virtual assistant? The answer is simple.

A VA will help you streamline your work activities, give you back your precious time, help you be more productive so you can work more efficiently to grow your business.

From handling your inbox to updating your blog to posting on social media to taking on your admin tasks – a VA will become the life source you need in your business so you are free to focus on your core growth activities.

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