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hello, I’m Ee Zen Cha

Who is Ee Zen Cha and what’s her superpower?

✅ Support
✅ Value add
✅ Systemise 
✅ Improve
✅ Trust

These are my core values and it’s these words that make me the Online Business Manager!

In fact, that’s my superpower. Being able to take a business and organise it so well that it runs on autopilot so your operations are efficient, your team is productive, and you have enough time to work on your big vision (and be there for your family commitments too).

My background is as wide and varied as any business.

Born and raised in Malaysia, I considers myself Malaysian Chinese Australian.

I arrived in Melbourne in 2001. At the time,I was an overseas student, successfully granted Skilled Migrant Permanent Residence visa after graduating.

I met my husband, got married and have two children in Australia.

Fun Fact - Both of her sons were born on the same day.

“Many people asked me how I managed to have both born on the same day? I said family planning. Planning and staying on schedule are my jam and that makes me a good OBM!”

A diverse engineering background in the corporate world and previous work experience in quality management allows me to lend my skills, knowledge, and expertise to small business owners. I’m a former Certified ISO 9001 Internal Auditor, and have also worked in hospitality and as a factory worker.

Having my own business has given me lots of opportunities and exposure in all facets of business.

Our vision for the future: REAVA Solutions

In my personal time, I spent six years in church ministry work – outreach, youth camps, and as a youth leader.

It is this experience that has helped shape my vision for the future: To empower disabled individuals with job opportunities or online business ventures.

At REAVA Solutions, I pride myself on good work ethics and open communication with my clients. I believe in being transparent.

As Online Business Manager (OBM) and Virtual Assistant (VA), I’m efficient, productive and committed to your business, teamwork, and collaboration. As people, I’m committed to my families and self-care.

What you may not know about Ee Zen Cha

  • Bachelor of Engineering majoring in Computer Systems
  • Masters of Engineering (Quality Management System)
  • ISO9001 Internal Auditor Training
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Cert IV Work Health and Safety
  • Various courses including: CRM, digital marketing, business development, content writing, project management, online business management and social media


How we want you to feel when you work with us as your Online Business Manager (OBM) and Virtual Assistant (VA).

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How we can work together…

Take a look my services

Online Buiness Management

Need help managing your online business? You need an online business management professional on your team so you can focus on your big vision.

Virtual Assistant

Do you need a Virtual Assistant (VA)? A VA will help you streamline your business, help you be more productive and give you back your precious time.

Business Systematise

To systemise your business means more time, money and your sanity! The key to business success is: outsourcing, systemising and automation.

Let REAVA Solution work with you on your business success

If you don’t have enough time to get everything done, it’s time to get an outsourcing plan in place for your business so you can leverage and scale your business quickly.

I can help you to simplify your business with my Online Business Management (OBM)and Virtual Assistance (VA) services.

To book your initial consultation, simply click here and let’s get started.

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