Online Business Management to help you grow


Helping female entrepreneurs move into the CEO position of their business and become the visionary they’ve always known they could be.

At REAVA Solutions, I can help you let go of the mundane day-to-day activities that serve your clients, but don’t serve you, so you can become a true visionary in your business.

How REAVA Solutions can help you

You: Will have time to focus on high-level activities to grow your business.

REAVA Solutions: Will handle the day-to-day management of your business, operations, team, and projects.

You: Will drive your vision and business forward, leading it in the right direction and shaping its future.

REAVA Solutions: Will be your support and Integrator, implementing the admin tasks and the growth activities for you.

You: Will regain your precious time to work on the strategic growth of the business and spend time with loved ones.

REAVA Solutions: Will lighten your load, serve your clients, and step into the manager’s role, as your personal OBM and VA.

Ee Zen Cha | REAVA Solutions


Who I work best with: Is this you?

At REAVA Solution I love working with ambitious business women who are online business coaches, course creators, and corporate support consultants.

You are established in your business, but just can’t manage the day-to-day and strategic growth at the same time because you simply don’t have the time.

On a personal level, you care about their community, you are (mostly) dog lovers, you are an emotional thinker and have a keen eye for detail. Best of all, you are FUN, want to become an influencer, love travel, and put your family first.


llyly Valdes - doTerra Advocate

Before I had too many things in my head I needed to recognised as important for my success but didn’t know how to single them out and organise my attention and time to execute them. I am able now to move forward with a clear picture of my goals and the processes to accomplish them.

What’s important to us: REAVA Core Values

At REAVA Solutions, I am guided by our core values in everything I do when I am working with you:



Empower you to thrive in your business.

You be the visionary and I’ll support you and dreams to come true.


Value adding

Be your asset not your expense.

Help you to improve your efficiency and productivity.

Streamline and simplify your operations.



Set up systems and procedures for training and delegation with ease.

Consistent outcomes and results, and reduction of errors.



Use historical data to analyse what’s working and what’s not.

Use feedback to tweak the process.

Achieve all-round better results.

How I can help you

To free up your time for high-level activities, I will manage your daily operations through our OBM and VA services.

Online Business Manager

Goal-driven and focus on your business growth



Virtual Assistant Services

Task-driven and focus on the execution of your day-to-day activities



Business Systematise

Goal-driven and focus on your business growth



Benefits of working with us

Good Fit: Business manager, Ee Zen Cha, conducts a ‘probation period’ to make sure we are a good fit.

Skills: I have more than 20 years’ corporate, operations, business skills, and years of experience in the engineering, hospitality and quality management industries.

Accountability: I keep everyone in your business accountable and help you to achieve your goals.

Time: I will save you time so you and your business are more productive and efficient.


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