We have certainly been hearing a lot about pivoting in business while we are in the froes of the coronavirus and uncertain economic situation.

And I don’t blame you for wanting to look at all your options. It’s extremely important to be doing this now and also when there isn’t a pandemic knocking on your door.

One of the best things you can do right now if you need to pivot or a just looking for a new direction for your business or a new line of income is to redefine your ideal client and designing new products and services FOR them.

Remember, you are in business to serve your audience, potential clients and current clients and so as you do look at your ideal client’s persona and develop new product it needs to be done with them in mind.

The biggest mistake people in business make is that they make it all about them, when it is never about you and always about your target market and clients.

Right now, taking your business online or as online as you can go is essential. Here are some ideas that can help you and what other businesses have had to do to survive and thrive through our current times.

“Change occurs when excuses pivot to execution.” ― Ryan Lilly, business incubation professional

1. Fitness professionals take their offerings online:

If you haven’t tried this already, I’ll be covering it in the coming weeks, however, now is the perfect time to take your products and services online. For example, I have seen many fitness professionals launch online classes through live videos and apps like Zoom.

Likewise, people are searching for fitness programs to do while stuck at home or in quarantine. Yoga, dancing, personal training and Zumba are classes I’ve seen advertised online the last few weeks.


Hairdressers: Hair stylists have had to be creative with their businesses as restrictions were enforced. And while they weren’t closed completely, time is of the essence as they only have 30 minutes per person.

Of course, this meant a likely dip in their income, so many of them started selling their products online and upping the ante on their online marketing of utensils like hair straighteners and shampoo and conditioning packs – which have been lapped up as people still want to look after their hair. Many are also selling colour kits to their clients to make sure their colour remains intact until they can service them again.

3. Bakers’ do-it-yourself packs:

Bakers’ do-it-yourself packs: One clever Melbourne baker got on the band wagon early on and started selling “bake your own break” kits. These walked out the door more quickly that his bread, and they were a much higher price. It gave people their own “baked goods” experience.

Imagine the yummy smells in kitchens all over Melbourne of freshly baked bread!

4. Dentists and other face-to-fact businesses:

We all have an opportunity to book ourselves solid for once isolation and quarantine ends. Now is the perfect time to be doing this.

Apart from creating a physical or digital product that you can sell – remember, it doesn’t have to be your own product, you can bundle up other people’s and sell that – get in touch with your client base and start booking them into appointment for towards the end of the year. At least you will be able to see the light at the need of the tunnel and you will have forecast money coming in.

 5. Artists and creatives: 

 Every business has an opportunity to create a product online, if you are struggling, get in touch and I’ll help you through it. Even artists can teach art online, in fact, many have been doing this for years.


As a business you must adapt and sometimes you need to completely pivot in your business. No one knows that the “new normal” will look after we come out of isolation and the coronavirus pandemic. Who knows how the economic situation will affect us. What I know is that as a business you must stay abreast of change and adapt as quickly as you can.

Having your business systems and processes set up correctly will help you do this more quickly and effectively.

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Systems allow your business to clone yourself and have more time for the important things, like growing your business. If you want to make your business more streamlined, productive, and ultimately, more profitable. It’s never too late to join the business processes bandwagon!

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