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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we work together?

We will work closely together. We meet weekly or fortnightly to discuss current progress and issues and set goals to keep everyone accountable. Turn your vision into action.

If you’d like to start working together, please fill out this online brief form and book a 30-minute strategy session here.

Who do you work best with?

At REAVA Solution we love working with ambitious business women who are online business coaches, course creators, and corporate support consultants. They are established in their businesses, but just can’t manage the business and grow it at the same time because they don’t have the time. They want to be the visionary they set out to be at the start of their business journey.

On a personal level, they care about their community, they are mostly dog lovers, they are emotional thinkers, and have a keen eye for detail. Best of all, they are FUN, want to become an influencer, love travel and put their family first.

What services do you offer?

Online business management and virtual assistant services.

One-off project service to help you to streamline and simplify your systems and processes.

How long have you owned your business?

5 years

How long have you been in an admin and managerial role?

15+ years

Where are your current clients?


How do you take payment?

We take upfront payment for both one-off project and retainer packages via credit card and direct bank deposit (bank details are sent in the invoices).

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

Depending on the type of work, and if the work has been completed, we do refund and cancel jobs as mentioned in our terms. You will need to agree to the terms before we start work.

What happens if I miss a payment on my retainer package?

I will extend for another 7 days then stop work until payment is made.