Every challenge you encounter in life is a fork in the road. You have the choice to choose which way to go – backward, forward, breakdown or breakthrough.

Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

Ain’t that the truth! So which road will you take when you come to your next fork in the road? If you said breakthrough, you’re in the right place, and please read on!

One thing I know for sure when it comes to breakthroughs in business is that you can’t build a business with a freelancer mindset and expect to get the results of a CEO. And as an Online Business Manager (OBM) I have seen this happen time and time again.

One of the biggest challenges I see big-vision business owners face is how to get their next big breakthrough. And I have to be honest, it’s likely that you won’t be able to do it alone and you’ll need help. Your next breakthrough will come from building your team with an online business manager.

In this blog, you’ll learn the 7 signs that show you need an online business manager for your next BIG breakthrough in business.

7 signs you need an online business manager for your next business breakthrough

1. You have automated all your business processes

If this is you, congratulations, that is no mean feat and you should be very proud! But automating your systems and processes will only get you so far and now the only way to scale your business is to grow your team. If this is you, you might be asking, where do you start? Hiring an Online Business Manager (OBM) is your starting point because when it comes to building your team, they are qualified to help you find the right people and treat it like a project, organising interviews, work samples and onboarding new team members, so you can focus on your big vision.

2. You’re the only point of contact for multiple Virtual Assistants or team members

If this is you and you are the only point of contact for your VAs or other contractors, now is the time to hire an Online Business Manager (OBM) to manage these people for you. You are busy enough and while you still need to guide your team, it now must be from a high level. An OBM can manage your team on a day to day basis, taking the pressure off you.

3. No spare time

You’re getting less and less free time to work on building your business and your big vision, and your business is now eating into your family time and commitments. I bet that’s not why you started a business! The good news is that an OBM can help give you back your time and sanity by being your second in charge and managing the operations of the business for you.

4. You’re managing multiple projects (and unable to stay focused or start anything new)

If this is you, you’ll probably be feeling pretty stressed because you’re not getting everything done that you need to, you might be running behind the deadline, and you can start anything new because you don’t have the time or brain bandwidth. This is keeping your business from growing and you need an OBM to take over the project management for you so you can work on the big picture.

5. Missed business opportunities

Missed opportunities in business quite often mean missed sales and missed revenue. Ask yourself this question, how many opportunities have you missed recently that could have resulted in money in your pocket but you were too busy or stressed? Stay no more! You need an OBM to start managing the operations of your business, team and day-to-day activities so you can work on your big vision and start winning those opportunities instead of missing them.

6. You need more strategic direction

An online business manager will have strong business prowess and skills that can help you determine new strategies for your business. This can include marketing, team, sales and revenue-making projects. Your OBM will be someone to contribute to the success of the business and be your sounding board helping your big vision come to life.

7. Feeling overwhelmed

In general, you are probably feeling completely overwhelmed, stressed and anxious, and you know it’s because you are working too hard and around the clock. Having an online business manager on your team will help you overcome these feelings because you will have more time to yourself and an organised business that works without you.

Do you see any of these signs?

If you have witnessed any one of these signs, get in touch and let’s have a conversation about how an online business manager (OBM) will help you in your business so you can start working on your big vision – which is the whole reason you started your business in the first place! Contact me now.