Imagine this: You’ve made the time, are sitting at your desk and ready to plan your best year in business yet … but how do you actually do that?

If you’re wondering where to start when it comes to planning your business for 2023, I’ve got 6 super simple business planning tips for you in this blog.

6 super simple business planning tips

  1. Your ideal client’s purchasing power

A lot has changed this year compared to when you sat down to plan your business last year. There’s been a change in government, interest rates are rising, so too is the cost of living. You might have seen your sales dwindle a little this new financial year or maybe some of your clients told you to pause their package or reduce their spend. 

When you are planning for your next year in business, consider how the current economy and inflation are affecting your ideal clients’ spending and decisions when it comes to investing in their business. 

Then devise a plan on how to retarget them with a new message, promotion, product or service that makes their buying decision easier for them and so you can see an increase in your sales.

  1. Measure your business metrics

Take a look at your year-on-year figures, and break it down month by month. How was each month compared to the same month the previous year? 

Delve deeper and look at your income and expenses to see where you could increase your monthly total income (especially in the months where sales were low) and also where you could reduce expenses. After you have measured your business metrics, forecast for 2023. 

  1. Celebrate your wins

Look back on the wins you had this year, write them down and celebrate them. Think about how you could replicate these wins again next year, for example, a record month in business, a new partnership or even a new team member who joined you.

This is important to keep developing your success mindset and to motivate you and your team into the new year. 

  1. Share with your team

Your team is your asset, I’m sure you’ve heard me say that before! And you must keep them in the loop with your plans and goals for the new year. If you want to achieve a certain result, you will need them to help you, so make sure they are clear with the direction you want to take in your business and the goals you want to achieve.

  1. Be realistic

Even the best plans can go pear-shaped and that’s completely normal in business. We all made big plans for 2020 and the world was hit with a pandemic. For me, my son was diagnosed with ASD. 

No one can predict what will happen, so be realistic with what you can and can’t achieve. Also think about your time and resources, what can you realistically do with what you’ve got?

My best tip is to improve the weak spots in your business before introducing any new ones. 

  1. Review your plan each quarter

One of the biggest business planning tips I can give and not a lot of business owners do it … review your business and plan each quarter. 

If it’s not performing how you want it to, you have time to make changes and get back on track. 

It’s at this point that you can enlist the help of a OMM or VA (like me!) to help you achieve the goals you have set or the quarter so you can achieve your big vision.

Ready for your best year in business yet?

If you haven’t already, this week is the week to carve out the time, sit down and plan your best year in business!

To get started on planning your goals, download my Business Review Template. Link on words to landing page

Remember, this is one of the biggest business planning tips I’ve got for you! This is a quarterly template that you can use as a guide to go over each area of your business. It’s a place where you can record your goals, write down your vision and work out your priorities.

Once you have filled it out, book a free Discovery Call with me and we can work through your template together, discuss your next steps and if you need an OBM to help you.