How to develop a growth mindset … Psst. I’ve got something to share with you. All the big guns in business know this … I know it now … in fact, you probably know it too.

Want to know what it is?

To grow a successful online business, you need one thing … a growth mindset.


The first step to achieving your goals and dreams is believing you can and your belief in yourself largely comes from your mindset. Have you ever asked yourself, “do I have a growth mindset?”.

All the gurus will say the same thing, your mindset makes you … it makes you successful, happy, thriving and motivated – or it can do the complete opposite.

What is a growth mindset?

A growth mindset is a positive one, but more than that it’s about belief in yourself, your talents and your ability to learn and grow.

According to Stanford University’s Professor of Psychology, Carol Dweck: “A growth mindset involves the belief that intelligence and abilities can be developed over time with the right environment and encouragement rather than assuming that a person’s skills and abilities are fixed.” 

You can see many examples of a growth mindset when you watch your children  learning a new skill. For example, according to BigLifeJournal a growth mindset is about improving your skills with effort and practice. 

“Ask children if they have ever struggled to master a skill, and then improved over time. Examples may include reading, writing neatly, riding a bike, or playing an instrument.”

I’ve watched my own children master these skills over time too.

It’s the same in business … What’s an area that you were once not so good at but you needed to become good at for the sake of your business? Finances, goal setting, marketing, admin – the list goes on. 

What’s a fixed mindset?

What’s the opposite of a growth mindset? By the same token, “A fixed mindset means you believe intelligence, talent, and other qualities are unchangeable. If you’re not good at something, you typically think you will never be good at it.”

Why is a growth mindset important for your business?

In a 2008 speech at Stanford, Dweck said leaders with a growth mindset “place high value on learning, are open to feedback and are confident in their ability to cultivate their own and others’ abilities.”

Having a growth mindset will help you create more freedom and opportunities in your business. You will be more inclined to try new products and services or implement new ideas quickly. Taking feedback from those in the know will help you fast-track your success as you make your business and services more beneficial for your clients. 

As an entrepreneur with a growth mindset, you know your abilities are valued and you value them yourself – you are confident in yourself. You also learn from your mistakes so you don’t keep making them and instead of running away from challenges, you embrace them.

How to cultivate a growth mindset

Start with your self-talk:

Is it positive or negative? Do you say “I can do this” or is it more like “I’ll never be able to do this”. For a quick check-in every day, keep this graphic close by.

1. Know your why:

When you can come back to your why in business and life, you will quickly find new ways to overcome your challenges.

2. Embrace challenges:

People with a growth mindset embrace the challenges thrown at them and want to overcome them. They look at different ways to achieve their goals even when faced with obstacles.

3. Say yet:

A fixed mindset will give up, a growth mindset says the word yet. “I haven’t mastered this skill … yet!” or “I can’t do this yet and I’m working on it!”. See the difference?!

4. Seek help and feedback:

People with a growth mindset seek help and ask for feedback so they can make their business better and better. In turn, their life gets better and better too.

You can also use these tips in your personal and professional life. I have been practising in my personal life and it is making such a difference for me and my family.

Let’s make the change together!

This year is your year; the year you get to go to the next phase in your business, whatever that looks like for you. You get to make up the definition of what the “next phase” is for you in your personal or professional lives, however, you need a growth mindset to get you there. 

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