Well-crafted core messaging is one of many building blocks of your business’s foundation. After all, a strategic core message is the key to connecting with your ideal customers, increasing your reach and, in turn, selling more to grow your business.

And like all great things, your core messaging has a process. In this blog, I’m outlining the steps you need to take to determine your core message and the process you need to make sure it helps you to grow your business.

You need to know this about your business’s messaging

You see, knowing how to create effective core messaging will allow you to set the tone of every marketing activity and communication of your business.

  • EFFECTIVE CORE MESSAGING: Builds trust and great relationships, shares your products and services, encouraging word-of-mouth sales and repeat business, while allowing you to be organised and clear in everything you do in your business.
  • INEFFECTIVE CORE MESSAGING: Is confusing to your potential clients, doesn’t give a great first impression, leads to disorganisation within your business and doesn’t result in consistent sales. 

How to come up with messaging for your business growth

Learning how to create an effective core message in your business plan will help solidify your marketing strategy and business growth.

  • Revisit your target market

Your target audience is your “everything” in business and it is critical to your messaging so you can attract more ideal clients. Your core messaging is determined by your audience and includes what they need from you and how you can help them – and it can also help you create genuine relationships to build that “know, like and trust” factor.

  • Put effort into the right audiences

This is where your processes come into play. Your target audience has different levels – from becoming aware of your business, to having a keen interest in it, to becoming a client. After you discover who they are and what they need from you you must start to segment your email lists and know your warm and hot audiences. This is what leads to business growth. 

  • Share the methodology of your solution 

Have you determined your proven methodology, that is, the process you use to  help your clients with the problems they are having? Do you share your values and product offerings? This is where your list segmentation becomes an even more critical factor. 

For example, if a prospect has only just become aware of your business, you need to educate them on who you are, what you do and how you can help them. They may not be ready to buy from you yet, so a sales strategy at this point in their journey may be off-putting.

However, if a warm or hot prospect already knows you and has shown an interest in your offerings, they are more likely to buy and therefore you can create a more compelling sales strategy to help them take action and buy now! 

  • Create and document strategies for business growth

Once you know what works to get the know, like and trust factor (and sales with ease), you can start documenting the processes you use to keep replicating it in the future. That way you can build relationships with your audience, show you are an authority figure in your industry and keep a steady flow of sales and new clients.

Learn more about how the right processes can grow your business  

The right systems and processes, including your core messaging, can help grow your business beyond your wildest dreams. To learn more on how to create, standardise and document your business growth systems and processes, use my blog as your learning tool. Read my blogs on creating effective systems and processes here.