Hands up how many times have you thought or said this: No one can do it better than me. I’m the only one who can do it this good.

I’m sorry to say but if this is you, you’re taking the wrong approach to your business.

It’s also a dangerous mindset to get into.


Because in the end you will be left doing everything in your business, you won’t have the confidence to outsource and you will be overworked, overwhelmed and ready to throw it in.

The worst thing is that you just can’t grow a business with that mentality.

You need help and support – and a team and outsourcing will allow you to let go of some of your day to day tasks and work on the areas that need your attention – especially sales and getting new clients.

But, wait, there’s also another scenario when it comes to this mentality.

You already have a team, but you are doing some of their work for them. This is another big mistake. If you have a team of five and you do 5-10 per cent of their work, consider how much work that actually is … up to 50 per cent than what you currently do.

So in order to grow your business you need to remember three things:

  • Let go of the day-to-day task that don’t serve you and can be done by someone else.
  • Let your team help you.
  • Lead your team so they support you and your business in the way they have been employed to.

If you don’t, you will continue to make the greatest mistake in business – thinking you can do it better than someone else and doing everything yourself.
If you remain in this state you will:

  • Stay in your current position and state (busy, stressed and overworked).
  • Limit your revenue growth.
  • Miss new opportunities because you don’t have time to do anything else.
  • Become the bottleneck in your business and it is very hard to get away from that (possible, but a lot of work).
  • Have lack of trust in people who try to help you and they will feel unappreciated

When you have a change in mindset and realise your team is there to help, you will:

  • Shift your mindset and start to unload your workload.
    Start to feel free and less stressed.
    Have time to yourself to work on the business.
  • Start to find the perfect match in people who can help you – either by outsourcing or by being on your team full time.
  • Have time for a test and trial period/probation help your new team members.
  • Have time to figure out what you want in a team and what you want from them, their personality, project to work, scope of work, working hours, etc.

You need help in business, it’s a simple fact, and you must let people help you.

If you have any questions about organising your business, join me at my monthly Q&A session here or ask me email me and I’ll reply you personally. 

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