Why every business owner needs to take this quiz!

If you had to think about what would help you in your business right now, what would you say you needed?

A. Help with social media scheduling?

B. A long-term marketing strategy?

A. Help with day-to-day admin tasks?

B. All the operations taken off your hands?

A. Someone who can help casually?

B. Someone who can become a business partner?

Depending on how you want to grow your business you may just need help with some menial tasks that take up your precious time, or you may need another strategic mind to help you in a high-level capacity.

Wherever you are in business, you can’t grow it alone and at some stage you’ll need a helping hand. But what sort of help do you need and who can help you?

You’re going to find out in this blog – and by taking my quiz “Online Business Manager or Virtual Assistant: Who do you need first?”, the quiz every business owner should take! Link to quiz

How is a Virtual Assistant (VA) different from an Online Business Manager (OBM)?

In my last blog, you learned exactly what makes a VA and an OBM different. Here’s a recap of the main points:

What does a VA do? A VA handles one-off tasks or those mundane regular (but very essential) tasks that maybe you don’t like doing or don’t have time to do!

They are task driven, but are usually contracted on a casual basis. Their work can include anything from scheduling social media to data entry to graphic design. 

What does an OBM do? On the other hand though, an OBM manages the high-level aspects of your business — operations, projects, people and metrics. They handle everything from the logistics of planning an event to product launches to overseeing the day-to-day operations of running your business and your team. 

They are goal-driven and are more like your business partner than a casual employee or contractor.

You can read more about the difference between a VA and an OBM here.

When do you need to hire a Virtual Assistant (VA)? And when do you need to hire an Online Business Manager (OBM)?

The answer to this question will be different for each business owner who takes the quiz. But you will certainly be more enlightened when you do take the Online Business Manager or Virtual Assistant: Who Do You Need First? quiz.

When do you need to hire a VA (virtual assistant)? 

There are several factors that come into play when you’re considering getting help from a VA, including:

How long you’ve been in business: Startups generally seek the help of a VA.

Your budget: If you’re on a tight budget or are a startup, a VA is an easy addition to your team because you can start with minimum hours and increase as you grow.

The tasks you need done: If you’re looking for help on a specific project, for example, the graphics for a new website, or you have some menial yet still important monthly tasks like social media scheduling, a VA will be your go-to person.

How much time you’ve got: When you’re just starting out you tend to have more time to do everything but as you grow your time diminishes as you get busier with more client work. If you’re finding that you’re spending too much time working on tasks that don’t equal new clients and business growth, it’s time to pass them off to a VA.

When do you need to hire an OBM (online business manager)? 

There are also several key areas that you need to look at when you’re about to hire an OBM (online business manager). While they are essentially the same areas, time, budget, business and tasks, you’ll look at them in a different way when hiring an OBM.

  • How long you’ve been in business: An OBM is more help to a more established business, that’s not to say they can’t or won’t work with startups, because every situation is different. An OBM’s job is to help a business owner manage the business including operations, finances, strategy and so on. Generally, a business owner who’s been in business more than 3 years will need help with these projects and associated tasks. 
  • Your budget: Just like their tasks differ, the price tag also differs from a VA and an OBM generally because an OBM draws on many years of high-level management experience and they are doing more high-level work, for example, project or event management, human resources and growth strategies. These are high-value tasks to a business owner who wants future growth and, therefore, come at a higher cost.
  • The tasks you need done: An OBM will step in as your business partner to help with project management, event management, hiring key staff members, strategy and direction and data analysis.
  • How much time you’ve got: Usually business owners who hire an OBM want the time to work on their business and have stopped working in their business so much or even altogether. They have their team and systems in place, but now need to grow to that next level, which requires new strategies, systems and people, and so they engage an OBM. 

What’s in the quiz?

In my quiz, Online Business Manager or Virtual Assistant: Who Do You Need First?, we’ll establish your business model, turnover and tasks you need help with so you can determine whether a VA (virtual assistant) or an OBM (online business manager) is the right move for you.

When it comes to tasks you need help with, there are two deciding factors you need to think about: 

Can you outsource them? 

Will you outsource them?

Most tasks and projects can be outsourced to an OBM or a VA easily so you don’t have to do everything yourself, however, will you actually give up control and outsource those tasks? That’s an entirely different question! If you are not willing to outsource the tasks holding your business back from significant growth, you will spend too much time working in the business rather than on your business.

Accepting help from either an OBM or a VA is your first step to growing a successful business.

So what are you waiting for? Take the quiz now and find out whether you need an OBM or a VA! Click here and find out today!