According to a study, almost half of 2000 business owners surveyed cancel social plans with friends and family at least once a week and 25 per cent have fallen ill due to stress and working overtime. 

Here’s a sneak peek at what some of the tougher days as a business owner look like: You are way behind schedule, the clock is ticking away and yet you have a pile of work left unfinished. 

Do you sometimes wish the days were longer so you could stay on top of your schedule? 

Believe me when I say, you are not alone in this.

Read on to find out how you can kick this proverbial time-management issue to the curb once and for all.  

Where are you going wrong with managing your time efficiently? 

Many of us often forget to get to the root of the problem and directly jump to finding solutions, without truly understanding what went wrong. 

Before you seek to make grand changes in your habit and routine, I urge you to ponder what your day is like, where you are falling short of time, which tasks never get your attention or too much of it and what exactly disturbs your workflow. 

A few questions you can start by answering are: 

  • Do you prioritise
  • Do you start your day early or late? 
  • Is procrastination your worst enemy?  
  • What leads you to put things off?

How can a VA help you get back on track?

Any business owner starting their business will most likely make cost-effective decisions in the initial phase and attempt to do everything by themselves. This is OK for a while, but it is also important to know when you can afford to ask for help, jump at the chance to grow your team and relieve yourself of some workload. 

Virtual assistants work remotely, will not empty your bank balance and certainly help you declutter your work and personal life. 

Your time is precious and should not be wasted over worrying about unfinished tasks. VAs are committed to unburden all of the small business owners who are struggling. Here’s how: 

  • VAs can help you document your company’s best systems and processes and push you to run your business without hiccups. 
  • They can take over tasks such as data entry, bookkeeping, digital marketing, project management, research and so much more that does not require your focus or involvement as much. 
  • Outsourcing parts of your work, means you can also focus on your to-do list and execute the more important tasks that definitely need your attention.

A few things you can do to realign yourself

Having a trusted VA as a team member means growing your business and increasing productivity can be a whole lot easier. But you still do have to get yourself back on track and ensure there is never another day where you have to exclaim – “there’s not enough time!”. 

I have a few tips and tricks that I think could help you stay mindful of how to use your time: Sundays are for planning:

  1. Devote an hour every Sunday to review what the past week looked like, what you could and could not finish, make a plan for the upcoming week and create realistic checklists. 
  2. Take a closer look at your checklist and review which one can be delegated, outsourced or scrapped. 
  3. Create categories, set time limits for yourself and track the time you spend on each task and make necessary changes to your routine. Spend the first half of your day on the most important tasks so you can get that out of the way and focus on lighter, long-term goals in the second half.

I can help you grow your business exponentially

If you have a business operations, systems or processes question that you’d like answered, join me at my monthly Q&A sessions where I will answer your questions personally. 

Starting and growing a business can be hard, but the thing that makes it easier is having the right people on your side and the systems, checklists and processes to help you and your team (even if you are outsourcing) run your business efficiently and effectively, giving you back precious time with your family and also time to do the thing that you do best, work on your business. 

I can help you and I can start by answering your questions. Join me here. 

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