You know you need a simple marketing system when:

  • You are stressed and overworked.
  • You keep saying you are busy and have too much to do.
  • You don’t have time for much else except working in the business.
  • You feel like you have to remember everything.
  • You think your business will fall down without you.
  • Did you just tick off any of these in your mind as you were reading them? If you said yes, you need a simple marketing system ASAP!

These are just some of the signs that show systems and processes may not be in place or need an upgrade – especially when it comes to your marketing.

In this blog, you’ll discover how to know when to implement a simple marketing system to save your sanity, cut down on your work and be more productive.

Why you need a simple marketing system

According to Strategic Service Design, a simple marketing system is based on providing value to prospects at every stage of the marketing and selling process.

That is, what you offer, your expertise, resources and focusing on your potential clients and the attention you give them. In return, prospects reciprocate by investing in your offering.

5 reasons you need a simple marketing system ASAP!

If you’re ready to grow and scale your business, you need to first look at your marketing systems – 70 per cent of what you do as a business should be directed towards your marketing.

And your business needs a strong marketing foundation to be able to grow – and that starts with your systems.

Here’s how to get started in building a strong marketing foundation.

1. STREAMLINE: The first step is to streamline and optimise any low-value (but important) steps in your workflow that you are doing yourself. You need to be working the high-value activities, so a marketing Virtual Assistant (VA) or Online Business Manager (OBM) will be helpful when you are getting started.

2. AUTOMATE: Use marketing software to automate as many marketing tasks as possibilities to free up your time so you can work on your big vision. Your OBM will be able set up and manage this project for you.

3. TECH STACK: Next, have your OBM identify your current tech stack, that is all the technology you use to run your business. For example, MailChimp, Gmail, ActiveCampaign, WordPress, and so on. All of these platforms need their own simple marketing systems and setups so they are documented for future growth. Ask yourself, does the tech platform support your business growth for the next five years?

4. PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Build a strong project management plan to monitor the progress of your marketing project, especially if you need to update your tech stack.

5. TEAM: Once these points have been implemented and you are confident you can scale and grow with ease, then you’re ready to engage someone to manage your marketing activities. When all the procedures and workflow are documented, you can engage and train someone with ease and they will be able to hit the ground running so you can get on with growing your business and working on your big vision.

Let’s get started on your marketing system

If you’re ready to scale your business and get your marketing systems sorted, I’m here for you as your systems superhero. Let me be your OBM and let’s get you a very simple marketing system to organise your marketing strategies and activities.

Get in touch and we can document and systemise your marketing systems so you have repeatable processes and workflows including templates, forms, and project plans that you can use again and again.