What are the best tech tools for small businesses? If you’ve found yourself googling this question … stop and read on, I’ve got the answer for you!

There’s a business tech tool (or many!) for every area of your business – from accounting and project management, to marketing and communication, and even password protection.

In this blog, you’ll learn what I think are the 7 best tech tools for small business owners.

How technology can benefit your small business

While tech may give you a headache, like it does for so many businesswomen, once you’re set up properly with your tech tools for small business, you will see it thrive and grow in so many ways.

The top 4 benefits of tech tools for small business owners that I see every day are:

1. Easier collaboration with team and clients

Zoom exploded during the pandemic because that was one of the only ways we could meet.

2. More customers

If you can use a tech tool to automate your lead generation and sales system, you can make money while you sleep.

3. Better customer experience

Let your tech tools do the heavy lifting for you so you don’t have to. Imagine if your tech tools could look after your customers for you.

4. Improved efficiency and productivity

I couldn’t live without my tech tools now because they do so much for me and save my sanity, not to mention improving the efficiency of my business.

Best 7 tech tools for small business owners: The pros and cons

So what are the tech tools all small business owners need? As an OBM, these are the tools I recommend to start with to get your business set up to be more efficient, productive and profitable.

1. Email management tool: Gmail

Pros: Efficient email organisation, customisable filters and email templates.

Cons: Can become overwhelming with a high volume of emails. An OBM will be able to look after your inbox for you and this should be one of the tasks you outsource first.

2. Instant messaging communication tool: Slack

Pros: Real-time, quick response, and team and client collaboration. I couldn’t live without Slack! Once you are set up properly, you won’t look back.

Cons: Distractions, less formal and security risks. There are tech tools for security too, which your OBM can help you set up.

3. Video conferencing communication: Zoom

Pros: Visual communication, remote team collaboration and screen sharing.

Cons: Technical issues, lack of personal interaction and distractions. We’ve all been in that webinar or meeting when Zoom just stops working or freezes. Having someone to help you through those issues can be a blessing, especially if you’re presenting a webinar and are not good with tech!

4. Accounting software to manage finances, invoicing and payments: Xero

Pros: Automates bookkeeping tasks, tracks expenses and simplifies tax preparation for your accountant and reporting to the ATO.

Cons: Can be expensive, challenging to set up and may require bookkeeping knowledge.

5. Email marketing software to create and manage campaigns: Mailerlite

Pros: Automates your email campaigns, measures campaign success and enhances lead generation. Knowing these metrics is extremely important for your future planning.

Cons: Can be costly and challenging to create engaging content. I’m a whiz with MailerLite and can help you set it up and manage it on your behalf.

6. Project management software to organise and track project progress: ClickUp

Pros: Centralises project information, improves collaboration and enhances productivity – and it’s my favourite tech tool! I run all of my projects and clients’ work out of Clickup.

Cons: Can be expensive, complex and time-consuming to set up. The pros outweigh the cons with this tech tool though. Once you have it and use it, you will get back so much time and brainspace.

7. Social media management software to schedule and analyse social media posts: Buffer

Pros: Increased social media presence, improved brand recognition and real-time social listening.

Cons: Can become overwhelming with too many social media accounts, and can be expensive. Tech can be expensive, but you need to weigh up the cost of the tool to the cost of your time. Buffer allows you to post and schedule content to different platforms at the same time, saving so much time.

Want my complete list of tech tools for a profitable business?

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