Optimising efficiency at every stage of your business is like nurturing a beautiful garden. Imagine your business as a garden filled with your dreams and aspirations. Just like a garden needs care and attention to flourish, your business thrives when you tend to it.

Optimising efficiency ensures your “garden” (we’re talking about your business!) remains vibrant and healthy.

You wouldn’t want your garden to wither, right? Similarly, by fine-tuning your business operations, you’re ensuring its longevity and vitality. We’re discussing optimising efficiency on every topic in this blog.

Why optimising efficiency works in business

Efficiency is a key aspect of business. Think of optimising efficiency as arranging the plants and flowers in your garden in the most beautiful way, so that the tall trees are at the back and the short shrubs are at the front, and every aspect can be seen.

It not only works better but also saves you time and effort because you are only thinking about a sequence.

Similarly, optimising your business processes ensures that things run smoothly, giving you more time to focus on what you love and achieving your big business vision.

And just as a well-maintained garden attracts more admirers, an optimised business appeals to more customers and team members. Your products and services shine, creating a positive impression on your clients, which, in turn, helps your business grow and blossom.

Why optimising efficiency in your business will get the best results

Streamlining your processes reduces inefficiencies, freeing up valuable time and resources. When you optimise your business, positive transformations can unfold.

Work-life balance: First and foremost, it’s about achieving that coveted work-life balance. Your business should enhance your life, not consume it entirely. Striking this balance means you can savour both personal and professional aspects of your life – and have time to garden more if you like!

Growth and strength: Seeking assistance is a sign of strength. Waiting until you’re burnt out and your motivation is low is counterproductive. By optimising efficiency in your operations and seeking help when needed, you can ensure your business doesn’t become an all-encompassing grind.

Goal setting and mindset: Setting clear goals is like plotting a course for the perfect garden; and it gives you direction and purpose, setting out a clear path and set of tasks. This is also where you must embrace a growth mindset. Be open to learning, adapting to market changes, and relentlessly improving yourself and your business.

By optimising at every stage of your business growth, you’re not just reaching for success; you’re setting the stage for continuous growth. It’s an ongoing journey.

How an Online Business Manager (OBM) can help each stage of business more efficiently:


The start-up stage of a business is where it all begins – it’s when you take that exciting idea you’ve been dreaming about and start turning it into a reality.

This stage involves a lot of creativity, risk-taking, and often a rollercoaster of emotions. It’s like the birth of your business, where you’re figuring out what works, securing the resources you need, and getting ready to make your mark in the world.

At this stage you may need someone to show you how optimising efficiency will help you to juggle tasks in your business and life easily.


  • Start to work with a VA then gradually add more people to your business so you don’t have to do everything yourself.
  • Start practising delegation of tasks to your VA, let go of control, and trust your team. This not only helps save you time but also will help to reduce your operating costs as you move towards your big vision.
  • Begin with a small project to evaluate the VA’s service delivery and efficiency, then decide whether or not you would like to keep them long term or on an as-needed basis.
  • An OBM can guide you in the hiring of a VA and the delegation process.


Free download: Delegation task list
Free download: Finding the right team


The growth stage of a business is when things really start to take off – you’ve proven your concept, customers are rolling in, and you’ve started increasing operations to meet the increasing demand.

At this stage you don’t need someone to show you or help you to juggle things in your business and life, you need someone to take tasks off your plate and build systems to improve efficiency.


  • If you’re at the point where you’re juggling multiple roles in your business and it’s growing, you now need to start delegating tasks, hiring help to ease the load, and documenting or updating your systems and processes.
  • When you find yourself juggling tasks and team growth, it’s a sign to introduce structure. This can boost productivity, enhance efficiency, and elevate customer satisfaction levels.
  • An OBM is your secret to success and optimising efficiency at this stage.


The scale stage in business is a phase where you have moved beyond the early stages of development and growth to achieve a level of stability and growth.

This stage represents a critical intersection where a business transitions from being a relatively small operation to a more substantial and influential player in its industry.

The goal at this stage is to maximise profitability and market share while maintaining or even improving the quality of products or services.

At this stage, you still need someone to remove day-to-day tasks from you as the visionary business owner.


  • When you hit the scale stage, it’s all about setting up efficient systems and working with an A-team to drive growth. Streamline your operations and lead your top players to build the business effectively.
  • An OBM is your strategic partner, skilled at coordinating projects, understanding and building on your operations, delegating tasks, and structuring projects to boost team efficiency.
  • Look for someone who can not only implement ideas but also collaborate with you on strategic planning.

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