Overtly Bold Magician.

Open Brave Mum.

Observant Beautiful Maverick.

Objectively Bright Master.

Ongoing Business Mentor.

Online Business Manager.

Fractional Operations Manager.

What is an OBM?

Officially, it stands for Online Business Manager (OBM), but an OBM is all of these things above too!

If you need someone to help grow your business by handling high-level tasks like staff, projects, events and so on … an OBM (Online Business Manager) will be your magician, master and mentor in one.

In this blog, you’ll learn more about how an Online Business Manager can help you and when you may need to engage one.

What is an Online Business Manager (OBM)?

An OBM (aka your Online Business Manager) is essentially your “right-hand man” (or woman) as a business owner. They consult, strategise, and manage other team members so you can concentrate on other, generally more important, tasks. Their main job within your business is to manage various initiatives and streamline workflows within your team.

They often have a diverse skill set that includes management, organisation, strategic planning, communications, design, human resources, and data analysis. However, every OBM will bring their unique difference and skills to your team.

They’re able to spot trends and opportunities and to give strategy recommendations based on business metrics. Additionally, they’re experts at delegating and team management and generally have a background in leadership and project management.

An OBM offers a level of support to busy online business owners, and while they can work remotely, they are different to VA because a VA offers task-focused support, whereas an OBM is more high-level project support.

What does an Online Business Manager do?

Focus on big-picture goals (helps you work towards these!)

If you are spending a lot of time managing your business, but really need to focus on your big-picture goals for the business’s future, an OBM is your go-to person.

Manage daily operations (so you don’t have to)

An OBM can step in to help your growing team so you can keep focusing on your vision and don’t need to balance your time between your business growth and essential (but mundane) day-to-day tasks and your family.

Build your SOPs and business backend for sustainable growth

If your SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) have gone out the window with the growth of your business and you and your team are struggling to keep up (and errors are being made), an OBM can help get everything under control.

When do you need to engage an OBM?

If your business is eating into your personal time with friends and family – it’s time to bring in an online business manager.

Business people are busy and when the business starts to grow the last thing you want is for it to take on a mind of its own. An OBM will help you get practices in place so you can grow easily and sustainably – while still having a personal life.

You need an OBM when:

  • You can’t manage your business by yourself anymore.
  • You’re not familiar with tech and automations, but you know you need them.
  • You have multiple projects running in your business and you’re feeling out of control (nothing is really getting done).
  • You’re ready to step out of your comfort zone and break through to the next level of business. 
  • You’re tired and overwhelmed, and ready to make necessary changes.
  • You don’t have time to do your tasks and manage a team at the same time.

What are the benefits of working with an Online Business Manager?

Because of an online business manager’s vast knowledge and experience, they just step into your business, and no training is needed. That means you don’t need to worry about finding time to onboard them.

They work with you on a project-by-project basis but can also become an extension of you and your team – plus they can take recruiting off your hands too.

Not only can an OBM help with managing your daily operations, but they can also systematise your business and strategise for business growth.

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If you need to improve your business systems and processes for better results and more structured and sustainable growth – not to mention find more time in every day – an online business manager will be your business partner! 

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