Running a business is more than just turning up every day and getting to work.

It’s more than just writing a business plan or going to a networking event.

It’s more than managing your social media or updating your website.

It’s more than handling client calls, balancing the books, or even delivering exceptional customer service.

It’s about setting a vision and steering your team towards that vision every single day.

It’s about adapting to market changes and finding innovative ways to stay ahead.

It’s about maintaining motivation and cultivating a positive company culture. It’s about managing stress, overcoming setbacks, and celebrating wins, big and small.

Simply put, it’s a lot, and it can be hard – but it’s even harder if you’re trying to do it alone.

In this blog, we are looking at the role of an OBM and the five ways they can help you get ahead in your business.

With the help of an OBM, you’ll have the strategic guidance and support you need to stay focused on your business goals and achieve your long-term vision.

Ready for that helping hand … read on!

The role of an OBM: 5 ways they can in your business

The role of an Online Business Manager (OBM) is straightforward: To free you, the business owner, to give you more time and space so you can dedicate yourself and your energy to tasks only you can manage, your big vision, business direction, innovating, and building your business.

You might know what an OBM is, but do you know how transformative working with one can be for your business?

Here are five business-building ways an OBM can support you and your business to free up your time and allow you to fully embrace your CEO role.

1. Strategic planning and execution

An OBM helps in creating and implementing strategic plans that align with your long-term vision. They ensure that your business is on the right track to achieve its goals – the goals set by you.

By having a clear roadmap and someone to oversee its execution, you can focus on growth and high-level decision-making, knowing that your strategy is in capable hands.

2. Streamlining operations

An OBM can streamline daily operations, ensuring efficiency and productivity.

They handle the nitty-gritty details of running a business, those mundane tasks that keep you working hard and stuck, such as managing schedules to optimising workflows.

This reduces the time you spend on administrative tasks, freeing you up for more critical activities like developing new business ideas or nurturing client relationships.

3. Systems and processes

An OBM focuses on establishing and maintaining effective systems and processes within your business.

They ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently, identifying areas for improvement and implementing solutions.

With robust systems and processes in place, you can ensure consistency, enhance productivity, and reduce the likelihood of errors, ultimately driving business growth.

4. Team management

An OBM takes on the responsibility of managing your team, including recruitment, training, and performance management.

They ensure that your team is effective and working together to meet the business’s goals. This allows you to concentrate on leadership and innovation, knowing that your team is well-managed and motivated.

5. Continuous Improvement (CI)

An OBM is dedicated to continuous process improvement and innovation. They regularly assess your business’s operations and look for ways to make them better.

This will help your business remain competitive and adapt to market changes effectively. With an OBM, you can be confident that your business is always moving forward and improving.

What to consider when hiring an OBM

If you find yourself overwhelmed with day-to-day management tasks and need more time to focus on growing your business, it’s worth exploring the option of hiring an OBM.

When considering employing an OBM, it’s essential to evaluate the cost based on the role’s description, required skill sets and your budget.

While offshore OBMs may offer affordability, supporting local businesses and families by hiring onshore OBMs can provide added benefits, and they can often be the valuable partner you need to navigate the complexities of running a growing business and achieve even greater success.

Remember, as a small business owner, it’s crucial to surround yourself with a strong team that supports your vision and shares your commitment to success.

Evaluate your needs, budget, and the skill sets you require. Then hire the right person for the job (pay a little more if you have to to get the high quality you need and deserve), and embrace the power of an OBM.

They will help you transform your small business.

The real cost of hiring an Online Business Manager

When it comes to hiring an OBM, it’s important to consider the cost implications.

The cost of hiring an OBM can vary depending on several factors, including the role description, required skill sets and your budget.

While it may be tempting to go for the cheapest option, it’s crucial to prioritise quality and value in your decision-making process.

Skill sets and qualifications

OBMs come with different skill sets and qualifications, and these can significantly influence their pricing.

OBMs with extensive experience, specialised expertise and a proven track record may command higher rates. It’s important to assess your business’s specific needs and make sure their skill sets and qualifications align with your goals.

By focusing on the value an OBM brings to your business rather than solely on the cost, you can make more informed decisions for a long-term relationship with them.

Offshore vs onshore OBMs

Another factor to consider when evaluating the cost of hiring an OBM is the location.

Offshore OBMs, typically based in countries with lower labour costs, may offer more affordable rates. However, there are additional considerations to keep in mind.

Communication and time zone differences can sometimes pose challenges when working with offshore professionals (they may not be awake when you are starting your day!).

On the other hand, hiring an onshore OBM can have the added benefit of supporting local businesses and contributing to the growth of your community.

Additionally, working with an onshore OBM allows for smoother communication, collaboration, and cultural alignment.

Investing in quality and value

While it’s important to be mindful of your budget, it’s equally essential to focus on the quality and value you will receive from your OBM.

Investing in a skilled and experienced OBM who aligns with your business’s values, vision and goals can equal significant returns in terms of improved efficiency, streamlined operations and business growth (aka sales!).

A high-quality OBM can bring fresh perspectives, industry insights and strategic thinking to the table, elevating your business to new heights.

Assessing return on investment (ROI)

When considering the cost of hiring an OBM, it’s always beneficial to look at the potential return on investment.

How much time and energy will you save by delegating managerial responsibilities to an OBM? How will their expertise and contributions impact your business’s growth and profitability?

By weighing the potential benefits against the cost, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your business’s long-term goals and vision.

As an OBM, I offer two types of OBM services to my clients:

OBM and project implementation service

What is it: The service will help you execute your daily operations activities, execute your project plan, improve your current workflow, and manage the moving parts to make sure deadlines are met and business is running smoothly.

Suitable for: Business owners who have just started to grow their administrative team and need someone who has experience in admin to keep the momentum going, while also managing people and projects to make sure the business is meeting its KPIs (key performance indicators).

How it works: We agree to a set number of hours and we also agree to collaborating together. We have a fortnightly progress meeting, and clients and team members can reach out to me at any time during business hours for help and support.

OBM and strategic partner

What is it: This service will help you manage your team and projects, while also focusing on business improvement and creating a strategic plan to turn your vision into reality.

Suitable for: Business owners who have more than two team members and are still growing their team, and need someone who has managerial skills and who is excellent in business operations. I will also be your sounding board to hear their challenges and ask questions to clients to help them to make relevant decisions.

How it works: We work to set hours we agree to collaborate together. We have weekly or fortnightly progress meetings, and clients and team members can reach out to me at any time during business hours.

Working with an OBM can significantly transform your business. From strategic planning and execution to streamlining operations, managing your team, establishing robust systems and processes, and ensuring continuous improvement, an OBM frees you to focus on what you do best.

By integrating an OBM into your team, you can step fully into your CEO role and drive your business forward with clarity and confidence.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Contact me today and let’s have a conversation about how an OBM can help you achieve your business goals.

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