Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.

Henry Ford

Every thriving business relies on a strong foundation of talent and a strategic partner that comes, stays, and works together; talent that is strategically layered to ensure seamless operation and growth of a business.

And there are four layers to those people who make up your team.

These layers consist of the:

  1. Business owner, the visionary at the helm.
  2. Strategy partner, often fulfilled by an Online Business Manager (OBM), Business Integrator, Director of Operations (DOO) or Chief Operating Officer (COO) who translates vision into action.
  3. Operations Management layer, Online Business Manager (OBM), Head of Departments who oversees day-to-day operations; and
  4. Implementation layer, administration, Virtual Assistants (VAs) where tasks are executed.

Understanding and integrating these four layers can transform your business from good to great.

In this blog, let’s take a look into how each layer contributes to boosting your business and where an OBM fits into this success framework.

Where does an Online Business Manager (OBM) fit into your business?

Each layer of talent is just as important as the next one because when they all come together, they work together to help you make your big vision a reality.

So what does each layer look like and how does an OBM fit in? Well, I’m glad you asked!

The business owner

As the business owner, you are the visionary and leader. Your primary responsibility is to set the overall direction and goals for the company.

This involves not only having a clear vision of where you want your business to go, but also being able to communicate this vision effectively to your team.

Your leadership inspires and motivates your employees, guiding them towards achieving the business’s objectives and your big vision.

However, to truly realise your vision, you need the right team in place to execute the strategy and manage day-to-day operations.

The strategic partner (OBM)

Enter your Online Business Manager (OBM) … the person who acts as your strategic partner, bridging the gap between high-level business strategy and daily operations.

As your strategy partner, the OBM works closely with you to translate your vision into actionable plans, ensuring that strategic initiatives are implemented efficiently and effectively.

By overseeing project management, process optimisation, and team coordination, an OBM frees you from the mundane (but necessary) daily operations, allowing you to focus on growth and innovation.

It’s their job to ensure all parts of the business are aligned with your goals, while also maintaining a productive work environment.

Side note: What’s another name for an Online Business Manager (OBM)?

An OBM is also known as a business manager, operations manager, strategic partner, or business integrator, and they are a professional who provides management-level support to busy business owners.

They act as a crucial bridge between your vision and implementing that vision, while also ensuring the operations of your business run smoothly so you can focus on shaping the future.

The management team

The management layer consists of individuals or teams responsible for overseeing specific areas of the business.

This can include department heads, team leaders, and supervisors who manage the implementation of strategies and ensure that projects are on track.

Effective managers are crucial for maintaining operational efficiency, as they make sure their teams are meeting performance standards and deadlines.

By delegating management tasks to competent leaders, you can maintain a high level of control and oversight without getting bogged down in the details.

Now, you may now have this layer yet, and that’s OK. It’s what you are working towards and an OBM (your strategic partner) can help you get there.

The implementation team

At the implementation level, you have employees, virtual assistants, and contractors who do the work, implementing the plans and strategies laid out by the management team and guided by the strategic partner.

This layer is essential for bringing your vision to life, as these team members handle the day-to-day tasks that keep your business running smoothly.

Ensuring that your implementation team is well-trained, motivated, and aligned with your business goals is critical for achieving success.

Effective communication and feedback between all layers of the business are essential to maintaining productivity and morale.

An OBM can help you gain, train, and retain your employees as well.

REAVA Solutions: What sets me apart as your strategic partner?

At REAVA Solutions, I bring a different approach to the role of an Online Business Manager (OBM) that sets me apart from others. Here’s how:

Holistic operations focus

I don’t just look at one part of your business; I consider all aspects of your business functions and departments.

Understanding the complete picture is crucial for me to work my magic and improve overall business efficiency.

This comprehensive perspective allows me to identify and address underlying issues that may be affecting your operations.

Process improvement and adding value

My approach to process improvement is driven by a commitment to adding real value to your business.

Before implementing any changes, I always ask, “does this add value to the business?” rather than simply following the latest trends.

This ensures that every improvement made has a positive, meaningful impact on your business’s operations.

Collaborative results guarantee

I guarantee increased productivity and efficiency, but it’s a collaborative effort. My service is designed to work with you, it’s not a done-for-you service.

This means that if you commit to playing your part, together we can achieve remarkable results. Your active involvement is essential to the success of our partnership.

By choosing REAVA Solutions, you’re not just getting an OBM; you’re gaining a strategic partner dedicated to transforming your business operations for lasting success.

How I can help you: Here are my two OBM services

Service 1: Project implementation and operations management service

I offer an OBM and project implementation service that handles daily operations, project execution if you need an extra pair of hands to complete the and meeting deadlines, team management, workflow improvements, and deadline management.

This service is perfect for businesses growing their admin team and needing experienced oversight.

We collaborate for set hours, have weekly or fortnightly progress meetings, and I’m available during business hours for support.

Service 2: Operations management and strategic partner service

My OBM and strategic partner service includes team and project management, business improvements, and strategic planning to achieve your vision.

This service is ideal for businesses with more than two team members needing managerial and operational expertise.

We collaborate for set hours, have weekly or fortnightly progress meetings, and I provide ongoing support during business hours.

What do you think? Ready to layer up your business?

Building your successful business takes a multi-layered approach involving the business owner, a strategic partner like an OBM, a strong management team, and a dedicated implementation team.

Each layer plays a role in driving your business forward and by understanding and optimising these roles, you will go from having a good business to a great one.

Make the time to have a discovery call with me to see how I can help you in your business right now.